Exploring London

Sorry about going awol for a couple of days, but I had some technical problems: The adaptor I brought along didn’t fit the plug for my computer, and I had to purchase two different adaptors before I found one that worked. Really strange, as I was certain that I had used the one I brought along with my computer before… Anyway, now I’ve got electricity and my computer is as happy as a clam, and so am I!

I’m happy as it is so great to be back in London! I have rented a room through Airbnb in Marylebone, an area that I haven’t spent much time in before, but that I absolutely love. The room is just off Marylebone High Street, an rather upmarket area, so I have Theory, Whistles, The White Company and lots of other nice shops – plus a range of great bars and restaurants – within two minutes walking distance.

Monday was an eventful first day. I dropped off my luggage and headed out to explore the area. After a quick breakfast in the popular cafe just across the street, I walked down to Bond street (which took about 10 minutes) and found my way to Smythson and Church’s, where I bought two things that have been on my wishlist for a long time. Off I continued to Chinatown with my loot, to celebrate with dim sum, one of my favourite dishes. I ate at Golden Dragon, where I’ve been before, and I’m amazed at how efficient the Chinese are with their service. They want to make money, and that is done by turning the table around as many times as they can, so food arrives and dishes are cleared as fast as humanly possible without being rude. Norwegians – and not least the Cubans – have something to learn here.

After ordering one too many dishes and forcing it all down because it was so delicious, I waddled home with my treasures. I had a quick nap to be ready for the day’s highlight: A champagne tour up in the London Eye! I will tell you more about that and show you the amazing sunset views tomorrow.

My neighbourhood

Bond Street

The shoes are in order in Church`s…

…and the notebooks are in order at Smythson

Dear Santa: I have been a really good girl this year and most likely deserve these for Christmas

The kind man who engraves all the special orders with gold lettering


The service was so speedy the staff were all blurry…
The Chinese do the most elaborate cakes!