Key pieces for autumn/winter 2014

As I have worked my way through the September issues – and loved every minute of it! – I have compiled a list of all the key pieces for the upcoming season. This list – combined with my trend overview – is all you need to get your wardrobe up-to-date for autumn/winter 2014-15!

Key trend autumn 2014. Cigarette trousers. HM grey trousers

{1} Cigarette trousers
Just about every designer showed these trousers on the runway and I find them terribly chic. Wear them in a classic neutral colour or choose a more vibrant purple or orange to shake it up. Rather than spending upwards of Nok 2.000 on a designer pair, I suggest you run to HM, which has a huge selection of these trousers at about Nok 300 each. I bought the grey trousers shown above last week – perfect for the normcore trend.

Key trend autumn 2014. Knitwear. HM furry top and shorts
{2} Chunky sweaters, preferrably mock or real turtlenecks

I love when a trend is both practical and already in my closet! If you want to invest, aim for a neutral colour like grey or black, or choose a trendier piece with a ribbed pattern. The high street has lots to choose from, including the furry one above from HM.

Key trend autumn 2014. Bright colours. Cos skirt

{3} Colours – pastels or brights

Basically, everything is allowed when it comes to colour, from Chanel’s pastel pinks to Dior’s bright colour-blocking. I couldn’t resist getting this bright purple skirt from Cos – they have a great selection of purple garments in store at the moment. I am dreaming of these as well…
Key trend autumn 2014. Leather trousers. HM
{4} Wide or tight leather trousers

Yes, the leather trend continues – and this is good news for those of use who have invested in and love our leather leggings. Isabel Marant made sure that the slouchier trousers stay in fashion, preferrably styled in a military way. I have recently invested in the pair above from HM. Online they have available these biker trousers that are very similar.

Key piece for autumn 2014. Ankel-lenght coat. Military
Photo credit: Style.com
{5} An ankel-length coat

Though this trend can be hard to pull off for shorter women, but perfect for us tall girls, the long woolly coats are back in fashion. Ideally, they should hit at the ankle, but personally I think around the knee is more flattering. If you mix this trend and the next, and buy a green military-inspired long coat, you are trendy as you can be!

Key trend autumn 2014. Military. Isabel Marant
Photo credit: Style.com

{6} A military-inspired coat
This can be a military parka or a longer wool coat, you decide. Wear with the chunky sweater or mock turleneck and the wide leather trousers, just like on the runway at Isabel Marant. I love this look!

Key trend autumn 2014. Poncho. Cape. Blanket. HM grey blanket
Photo credit. HM

{7} A blanket poncho or cape
Blame Burberry, but we should all be wrapped up in an impossibly chic and cosy striped blanket, alternatively a chic cape. On really cold days, layer over your coat. Since us mere mortals never can afford the gorgeous Burberry poncho, I plan on wearing my black blanket from HM from years back – much like the one pictured above.

Key trend autumn 2014. Narrow midi skirt. COs green skirt

{8} A narrow midi skirt
The midi trend continues, but now they are narrow as opposed to wide. Printed or solid, neutral or bold colours. The choice is yours. The green skirt above is from Cos.

Key trend autumn 2014. Animal print. HM grey wool leopard print cardigan

{9} An animal print anything
A cheeky animal print looks great paired with the season’s neutrals. If you don’t like too much attention, I would suggest getting a pair of loafers, a scarf or a handbag, as these give a classy taste of the trend and can be worn with a huge range of outfits. I bought the cardigan above from HM – for a similar version from their online store, check this out.

Key trend autumn 2014. Metallics. HM pleated metalllic skirt

{10} A metallic skirt or dress
Silver, gold and copper tones make for bright day and evening wear. Choose a metallic skirt, which you can dress down for day with your chunky sweater like Zooey Deschanel above (InStyle US), and up for the evening in a slinky top and heels. My skirt is a few years old from HM (similar).

Key trend autumn 2014. Knitted trousers. HM knitted sweatpants

{11} Knitted trousers or leggings
Marc Jacobs and Celine brought chunky, knitted trousers and leggings to the runway, and when they say jump, we jump. As this is not the most wearable trend of the season, get a cheap pair from the high street, style it with a chunky sweater on top and a bit of shine (silk, sparkly jewelry or something similar) and then decide whether this is loungewear or worthy of public scrutiny. This is what I plan to do with the pair above from HM.

Key trend autumn 2014. Culottes. Whistles navy culottes

{12} Culottes
If you invested in culottes this summer, you are in luck, as they are equally trendy for autumn. Pair with chunky shoes and something form-fitting on top, possibly a pair of thick knee-high socks, and you are good to go. My navy pair is from Whistles.

Key trends autumn 2014. Soft tophandle handbag. Carry bag in hands

{13} Soft, top-handle handbag
The bizarre trend of holding your handbag crunched up in your hand and not use its handles continues. The handbag of choice is largish with tophandles. Dream of Louis Vuitton’s bowling bag and head for a cheaper version on the high street.