London Eye champagne tour


I can’t imagine anything better than combining two of my greatest passions – photography and champagne. I got to drink Pommery while shooting lots of photographs of the London skyline and it was brilliant! I could have done with a few less clouds so the sunset had been more colourful, but overall it was a great experience. Before I booked my ticket, I checked when the sunset would be, so I was certain that I would actually get to see it. It worked out perfectly. I don’t think my tour was sold out – we were about 12-16 people so there was plenty of room to move around in the car (bubble?) and take photographs. I highly recommend booking the tickets for London Eye online in advance, as you skip the long queues and get a more relaxing and fun experience.

After my trip in the sky, I headed for Wahaca Southbank for Mexican. I have admired Tommasina Meyers ever since she participated in and won the first and only British Masterchef that I have ever watched. I have wanted to eat at one of her restaurants back since she opened the first one – now she has 13 locations. I didn’t actually make it as far as to her restaurant, though, as I got sidetracked at her food truck outside – Wahaca’s Mexican Street Kitchen. They served me the best burrito I have ever eaten – pulled pork with lots of sauces and cheese, huge and dripping with juices. A Mexican beer and an out-of-this-world burrito for £9 is what I call a great deal!


Buckingham palace
As we are getting off, people are getting on the bubble in front of us


And as we move out, the cleaning crew moves in