Windsor, England


When staying at The Oakley Court Hotel in Bray with friends last week, I took the opportunity to take a closer look at nearby Windsor, only ten minutes away by taxi. Even though I only got to spend a couple of hours in Windsor, I thought I’d share with you my impressions of this historic city.

The old part of Windsor by Windsor Castle is beautiful with its pittoresque old houses. The castle itself is also amazingly large – it is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. Here you can see it in all its splendor from the air. It is one of the Queen’s three residences, along with Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh and Buckingham Palace in London. As is always the case with places that are renown for one thing in particular, everything in town is named after this attribute, so in Windsor everything seems to be royal or belong to the queen, whether it is a tea shop or a pub.

The cost of housing in Windsor is almost as high as in London, so the selection of shops, restaurants and bars is very good for the town’s size, due to how affluent its citizens are. The town is also very well maintaned and a great destination for a daytrip down history lane or even a couple of days’ romantic holiday in the countryside. Windsor is also the home of the annual Ascot Races, renown for its hatwearing and grass-stomping spectators. The Long Walk is the name of the very straight road from Windsor Castle to the Ascot Racecourse, and it seems very long indeed if you have to walk all the way!

Unknown brand grey t-shirt // Lindex leopard print skirt
Zara black sandals // Givenchy green handbag
Lindex grey embellished sweatshirt tied around waist
RayBan black sunglasses // Hermes H white/silver bangle
& Other Stories silver necklace // Armani brown/silver watch
The statue is Queen Victoria
While the current Queen hides in a telephone booth…
The entrance to the shopping centre with a range of more expensive brands
The Royal stables
The Long Walk to the castle
The Long Walk towards the Ascot Racecourse