Anthony Capella // The food of love

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As I was packing for London, I quickly grabbed a book from the book shelf that seemed like a good read. Not until I opened it on the plane did I realise that I had already read the book. But that didn’ matter – the book was already so captivating – and fulfilling! – that I just kept on reading. 

The food of love is the perfect read for those of you who love Italy and love food – and in particular Italian food. It is a love story between an American girl studying art in Rome and two young local men working in a gourmet restaurant. While one of the boy is a gorgeous flirt whose goal in life is to sleep with as many foreign girls as possible, the other is a great romantic, who also happens to be a genius in the kitchen.

Bruno, the chef, is persuaded to in secret cook several romantic meals to help Tomasso the flirt get romantic with the girl Laura, as Laura has, after a string of disastrous relationsships, decided that a chef will be the perfect match for her. Laura is falling in love with Tomasso, as she loves his cooking and believes that he is showing her his love through his dishes. At the same time, Bruno is becoming increasingly frustrated as he is falling more deeply in love with Laura with every sensual meal that he creates for her, but he can’t reveal his feelings without blowing Tomasso’s cover.

Each of Bruno dishes, adapted from traditional Roman recipies, is explained in delicious detail and the author even makes intestines sound like the most most earth-shattering culinary experience!

I can’t tell you more without giving away the story, but there are a few bump, restaurants, lovers and delicous meals along the way before the story comes to an end and you feel fully satisfied.

Buy the book here (US) and here (UK).