Happy thoughts

{1} Business cards
My dear friend the art director kindly designed brand new business cards for me and I am so happy with the result! These are now going to be distributed to everyone and anyone in the fashion industry in Oslo!


{2} G&T
Since an ufortunate incident with a half-bottle of gin in my youth, I haven’t touched the stuff. But I was persuaded to have another go at the gastro pub The pig’s hind in when in Bray about a month back and it was so refreshing and tasty! Now I’m officially hooked, especially with a cucumber garnish.


{3} Scandal

Yes, I’m talking about the TV show with Kerry Washington working as a PR genius in DC, while having a hot on/off affair with the president. I’m totally hooked and counting the days between each episode. It is the reason why I don’t get to bed until after midnight every Sunday. Yesterday’s episode was especially thrilling… Keep the episodes coming, Liv!