Jojo Moyes // Me before you

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While in London, I ran out of reading material and happened to come by a used book store – Skoob – just by my hotel. As I always have a long list of books in my Amazon shopping basket, I referred to this to find something in the store that I knew I wanted to read. This is how I happened to pick up Jojo Moyes’s novel Me before you. I didn’t remember the review that made me add this book to my list, but it must have come with a warning not to read in public, as it was an incredibly emotional story.

The book centres around Louisa, whose family is hit hard by the financial crisis. She is made redundant from her cafe job and has signed up with the job centre. After turning down a couple of really awful jobs, she is forced to accept the post as a carer and companion to Will, even though she is not the caring type and they don’t get along at all on their first meeting. If she doesn’t take this job, she will not be able to claim unemployment benefit, and her family is in desperate need of the money to cover their expenses.

Will is from an affluent family in a posh part of town, where money is of no concern. About a year prior, Will was hit while crossing the road and made a quadriplegic. Previously an incredibly successful business man and adventure seeker, he doesn’t cope well with being bound to a wheelchair and experience his body slowly shutting down, with increasing pain.

The story unfolds as Louisa and Will slowly get to know each other and she learns about the sadness and struggles within his family. Will’s parents have hired Louisa for a very particular reason, but she doesn’t realise what a huge responsibility and weight is put on her shoulders until she has fallen deeply in love with Will.

I don’t want to give away the plot of the book – I think it is important to the story that you find out the big family secret for yourself. All I can say is that this is one of the better books I’ve ever read and it lingered with me for weeks. To be honest, I still think about what I would have done if I had ever been faced with a similar situation.

If you need one more reason to pick up this book, know that after I had started it, I stayed up until four in the morning reading on a really uncomfortable bed in a poorly lit hotel room, just so that I could get to the end of the story! And I got through a LOT of tissues.

You can buy the book here (US) and here (UK/Norway).