Painted candlesticks (and how to start a dinner club)

 Tall girl's fashion, DIY, spray painting, dinner club, Persilledusken

Sorry for the delay in posting this article! I bought a new kind of spray paint at the hardware store and it took forever to dry, probably because it was so cold outside where I painted – and also because it was a much more durable paint than my gold paint. But finally, here we go:

When I lived in Bergen, I ran a dinner club called Persilledusken, which in English translates to The parsley sprig.  I invited all my girlfriends as members, many whom didn’t know each other and thought it was fun to make new friends. The concept was that I at my place, cooked a three course meal based on a chosen country’s cuisine, and had available soft drinks, tea and coffee. The guests brought along whatever alcoholic beverages they wanted to drink and pitched in with clearing plates and doing the dishes.

At the end of the meal we decided by democratic vote which country’s cuisine I would cook at next month’s dinner. We would share the cost of all the ingredients, which normally added up to Nok 120-140 each (£12-14).

While I’m waiting for my sofa to arrive so I can start Persilledusken, the Oslo chapter, I am preparing the props for the table for the first dinner. Based on which cuisine was best received in Bergen, Mexico will be hosting the launch dinner! The menu is based around seafood, with spicy prawn coctail for starters, seafood fajitas as a main and pecan pie with homemade ice cream (possibly vanilla) for pudding.

In the time leading up to the first dinner, I will have fun making my own table decorations. I want the table to be colourful and bright, just like I picture a Mexican party! First out are the candles – I want some fun candlesticks that will pop against my white candles!

In the last couple of months, I’ve been buying cheap candlestick when I have visited the Salvation Army store to drop off donations. It took me some time to select the paint colour, but when I saw this bright turquoise spray paint at the local hardware store, I was sold! Here’s how I painted the candlesticks:

Tall girl's fashion, DIY, spray painting, dinner club, Persilledusken

Spray paint
A large cloth, cardboard or plastic sheet (I’m using an old duvet cover)
Disposable gloves or white spirit

Tall girl's fashion, DIY, spray painting, dinner club, Persilledusken

Clean the candlesticks well, ensuring to remove all candlewax. Do the spray painting outside on the sheet/plastic. Face away from the wind and be careful not to inhale the fumes. Spray two coats of paint, possibly more if the paint hasn’t covered completely – the edges can be tricky.

Tall girl's fashion, DIY, spray painting, dinner club, Persilledusken

I used some cans and jars (from the recycling bin) to elevate the items, so I could get to the edges and underneath. Spray an even layer, careful for the paint not to run. I had to spray three times in total to cover all the nooks and crannies (and my finger prints…).

Voila, here are the finished candlesticks with their white candles!

Tall girl's fashion, DIY, spray painting, dinner club, Persilledusken

Do you want to know what the greatest thing about this DIY is? I can repaint the candlestick a different colour whenever I want them to match another dinner theme! And that only for the cost of a can of paint, which is much cheaper than buying new candleholders. I’m already thinking pale grey…

While I was at it, I also grabbed some gold paint and sprayed a jar and a brass tray that was badly stained. They look so chic and shiny with the gold paint!

Tall girl's fashion, DIY, spray painting, dinner club, Persilledusken
Next Friday At the end of next week, I will make another prop for my Mexican dinner table, so make sure to check back!
  • I miss the Persilledusken and your good food! Good luck with the Oslo version! Love the candle sticks

    • By Anett

      Tusen takk, Lisbeth! Du er hjertelig velkommen til å komme på besøk og være med på en Oslomiddag. Krysser fingrene for at formen snart blir bedre. xoxo