Thank you cards


While there isn’t a tradition for Thank you cards in Norway, I have adopted my American friend’s love of the polite note and send them to everyone who has given me something or helped me out. Obviously, with no tradition for them they can’t be purchased in Norway, so I have happily been forced to make my own.

I used the embossing technique to make my cards, whose simplicity and flexibility I’m totally hooked on. Once you have invested in the drier, stamps, glue and powder, you can let your creativity run wild and make hundreds of great cards for any occasion!

For my Thank you cards, I got creative and used different languages and different techniques. I have a glue pen to use for writing, but I find it really quite hard to get my handwriting looking nice, as it is so hard to be consistent, write level and ensure the pen adds enough glue to the card. Therefore, I prefer letter stamps, and have now invested in three versions of my favourite alphabet, so I can write short sentences without running out of letters. The result looks better when each line is spelt out and attached on the block, so all the letters are at the same level and the correct distance from one another.

Here are a few tips on how to do embossing and the different cards you can make. I have stuck to one-word thank you’s, but you can easily make more elaborate thank you’s, if you have enough letters available:

Tusen takk (Norwegian: A thousand thanks)
Grazie mille (Italian: Thanks a million)
Xie xie (Chinese: Thank you)
Merci beaucoup (French: Thank you very much)
Spasibo (Russian: Thank you. You remember from SATC?)

Use gold on black and write in gold pen, and you have a really classy take on the Thank you card
Here are all the versions I made this time: Takk (Norwegian), Merci and Grazie
If you want all occasion cards that can also be used for Thank you’s, choose a small neutral stamp, such as cute insects
I have bought most of my card stock, stamps and embossing equipment from Panduro, however, they are available in all major art supply/hobby stores.
  • Me too! I love all insects in print – just not that keen on them in real life. Anything that stings looooves me. Mum always said it was because I was so sweet (eg my blood was sweet)…

  • I love the grasshopper!

    xx Kelly
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