DIY // Christmas hearts

Tall girl's fashion // Make your own Christmas hearts!


This year, I’m trying to make most of the birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family. I’ve still got a few left, so it’s going to be as busy as at Santa’s workshop in my flat in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

These felts hearts are very easy to create and make great presents. Also, they will look really good on your own Christmas tree or even hanging in the window. Switch on some great music — or even better, your favourite series on Netflix — and get sewing!


Heart templates (mine are plastic, but you can easily make your own from cardboard)

Red felt in various shades

Purple felt in shades that work with the reds

Fancy metal or wood buttons — optional

Mouline embroidery thread in reds and/or purples

Embroidery needle (blunt or pointed)

Narrow red silk ribbon

Acrylic filling

Tall girl's fashion // Make your own felt hearts

Click on the image twice to enlarge!

1. Start by tracing around the template with a pen. You need two pieces per heart. If you want to add a decorative heart on the front, trace a smaller heart in a contrasting colour.

2. Cut out the hearts. Cut a 18 cm piece of the red silk ribbon.

3. Now all the pieces are ready to be assembled.

4. First, split the yarn in two so you are sewing with three of the six strands. Sew on the decorative heart on the side of the fabric that doesn’t have pen marks, using button hole stitches. You choose which way you would like the stitches to face. It also looks nice to use simple running stitches, which use less embroidery thread. In place of a felt heart, add a pretty button in metal or wood.

5. Using pins, place the two main hearts together (remember facing the side with the pen marks inwards). Start sewing just before the bottom point of the heart using button hole stitches. Keep the horizontal thread running along the outside of the heart.

Sew until one cm before the -v in the heart. Fold the red ribbon double and hold the ends in place with a pin. Insert the ends about 1 cm into the middle of the -v and hold in place with a pin.
Continue with the button hole stitches, ensuring that two-three stiches run through the ribbon to hold it in place.

6. Continue sewing until there’s about 5 cm left. Fill the heart with acrylic filler and pin the opening shut. Finish sewing until you’ve reached all around. Fasten and cut the thread.

Tall girl's fashion // Make your own felt hearts

Voila, your first heart is finished!

Tall girl's fashion // Make your own felt hearts

I made my hearts in two different sizes, in various shades of red and burgundy, and with varying decorations. In my button tin I even found a couple of heart buttons (top right in the photo above) that will look great on the front of the larger hearts.

Happy sewing! And please let me know if these are the kinds of gifts that you would like to receive for Christmas yourself! I’m a sucker for home made gifts and am crossing my fingers for home made cantucci for Christmas from one of my best friends…

  • koselig med jul i stua. Her er vi i full gang:)

    • Det er koselig at jeg ikke er alene om å ha juleverksted! Julekort er det neste på lista. 😉

      – Anett

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    Hjemmelagde gaver er alltid hyggelig å få og disse var kjempesøte:-)

    • Tusen takk! Kan jeg ta det som et hint? 😉

      – Anett

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      Definitivt!! Julerkot også, men der er du jo allerede en kløpper:-)

    • Øvelse gjør mester! Starter julekortproduksjonen i morgen. 😉