Homemade bunting


I am hosting a Mexican dinner party later this month and have been busy making the decorations for the party, like spray painted candle holders and place cards. Now it’s time to make bunting to hang from the ceiling above the dining table!

I have always loved how bunting is used in American interior magazines — hanging from the trees above an al fresco dinner on the lawn or in the ceiling at an indoor birthday party.

I had considered knitting my own bunting from leftover yarn, when my friend L ran a DIY post on her blog Rosaroseblogg, showing me how to sew my own.

I already had lots of fabric, originally purchased back in 1999(!) to make a quilt. It was about time it came to good use!

I followed the instructions on Rosaroseblogg, but since they are in Norwegian, I’m redoing them here in English.

Initially, I made cardboard template that I used to mark off the shape on each piece of fabric, trying to squeeze in at many triangles as possible. My triangle is 20 cm wide and 26,5 tall. I’m not going to lie — it will take a while to cut all the triangles, but it is all worth it in the end. For a 6 m bias binding you will need 26 finished triangles, so that makes 52 individual pieces.


Place two triangles of the same fabric front side together and sew with a sewing machine with a 0,5 cm seam allowance.


Cut the thread, cut off the tip of the triangle so the seam allowance is 0,5 cm, then turn the triangle right side out. I used a letter opener to help me at the point.


Steam iron all the triangles before arranging them in the desired order, either completely at random or grading the colours.


Attach the triangles with sewing pins to the bias binding, folding the binding double over the rough edge of the triangle.


I chose a bright pink bias binding, sticking to my colourful scheme. Space the triangles 6 cm apart and keep about 25-30 at either end to use for tieing.

Sew one seam all across the bias binding from one end to the other, simultaneously closing the binding and attaching the triangles.


Since the bunting is six metres long, it will cross the ceiling above my dining table a couple of times. You will see it in action when I post photographs from my Mexican dinner party in about four weeks’ time!