Courgette cake


I’ve been dying to bake a courgette cake for quite some time, as I love courgettes (US = zucchinis; NO = grønn squash) and I love cake. Together I expect them to be dynamite!

The courgette was quite late in coming to Norway — my mum’s local grocery store still doesn’t sell them — so it will take a decade or two until courgette cake is a common occurence on our tables… Considering how many courgettes I’ve eaten in my life, it is about time that I tried the cake.

The recipe for the cake appeared in my inbox a while back, curtesy of an amusing newsletter from The moveable feasts. Amy, the blog’s author, wrote such beautiful things about the cake that I just had to give it a go.


The ingredients that won me over were walnuts, lemon, vanilla and naturally, the courgette. While the recipe called for all purpose flour, I used half and half of all purpose and spelt, as I love the flavour of spelt.


Before you add the grated courgettes, the batter seems worringly thick. The courgette adds moisture back into the batter, though, so it ends up being really smooth — and tasty.

Bake the cake, let it cool and then add as much lemon glaze as you see fit — while the recipe calls for lots of glaze, I prefer a little less myself.


The cake will keep moist for days in an airtight container, so it’s perfect to bake in advance if you are expecting guests. Bon apetit!


  • Det er bra! Kan ikke bare kopiere den, vet du. Kaken er kjempegod!

    – Anett

  • K

    Fant den….

  • K

    Fikk lyst å prøve denne. Oppskrift?