Foot care

Tall girl's fashion // Foot care

Ideally, weekly I should be soaking my feet for 20 minutes or so, followed by filing of hard skin and pushing of cuticles. Truth be told, I don’t take the time to do that very often. I’ve come up with a quick fix that suits my lifestyle much better:

Tall girl's fashion // Foot care

At the end of most showers, I use the roughest side of a Scholl foot file to file off the hard skin on my feet. I prefer the files that are made of carborundum as opposed to metal, as they are more gentle on the skin. In particular my heels are targeted, where as a child I frequently had small cracks because the skin was so dry. I also have a toe that hides underneath its neighbour resulting in a rough edge, that also gets a good filing.

When I have dried off after the shower, I apply a generous amount of Origin’s Reinventing the heel foot cream (US, Norway). As the tube says, this is Mega-moisture for dry, cracked heels. If I’m heading for bed, I might even put on a really thick layer of cream, add a pair of socks and let the cream soak in overnight. You’ll wake up with the softest feet ever!

I used to be in love with Aveda’s minty foot cream ( I bring the mini tubes on travels) and also find the medicinal creams from Gehwol Fusskraft very good, but this cream beats them both. I believe it is the salicylic acid that gets to work and breaks down the hard skin on those toes and heels. The tube of Aveda is quite large and lasts for months. Also, a little goes a long way, as this is the richest cream I have ever used — think of it as Eight hour cream, only smelling refreshingly of peppermint and made for your feet. In fact, the cream is so rich that I have to use my right hand to squeeze it out of the tube — my left isn’t strong enough!