Happy thoughts

Tall girl's Happy thoughts. Read more on the blog!

{1} Baking a cake –
It’s so much fun to try out a new cake recipe – the excitement of tasting the batter to see if you like it and later checking how it rises through the oven door! Eating the whole thing when you live alone is a bit of a challenge, though — but it works wonders for lightening your mood when you feel worse for wear.

Tall girls' Happy thoughs. Read more on the blog!

{2} Candle light –
Nothing says autumn and winter like burning candles on every table. I love the warm light the candles cast off, in addition to the additional heat they give a room now that the temperature has dropped.

Tall girl's Happy thoughts. Read more on the blog!

{3} Christmas DIYs –
The only thing I love more than Christmas is making things for Christmas! Ornaments for myself and gifts for friends and family. I’m already planning several great DIY posts for Christmas based around the things I’m making for my favourite holiday. The series start on Friday!

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