Layers of leather and wool — and a haircut!

Tall girl's fashion // Cut and colour at Olimb & Co

I’ve got a new haircut! These outfit photos — some with a hat on to really obscure the present state of my hair! — were taken prior to my haircut, including this shot:

Tall girl's fashion // Cut and colour at Olimb & Co

My hair is long on top and longish on the sides, with a reddish brown colour.

And here’s my new cut and colour — a warmer dark brown with long layers on top and short in the back and on the sides:

Tall girl's fashion // Cut & colour at Olimb & Co

As a couple of days pass and I get used to this new cut, I will wear the fringe pulled down over my eyes and a more tousled top and sides.

My hairdresser is Pernille at Olimb & Co (Prinsens gate 2) and I just love her happy persona and the salon’s dedication to service – read all about it here! My visiting friend came with me to the salon, and got a whole day’s work done while I was being pampered, connected to the salon’s wifi and with limitless herbal tea in her cup.

After the hairdresser’s we had the most delicious lamb curries at the Indian restaurant New Dehli, located just across the street. Highly recommended!

Tall girl's fashion // Cut & colour at Olimb & Co

Aleksander black leather jacket // H&M black hat // DAY Birger et Mikkelsen grey sweater // By Malene Birger sparkly necklace // Burberry white shirt // H&M black trousers // Airstep black booties // Balenciaga grey handbag // Earrings are souvenirs from Bali

Tall girl's fashion // Cut and colour at Olimb & Co

  • Great haircut!

    Stuff I Love

    • Thanks a lot, Jenny! I really like the look of your website and will be checking it out more closely this weekend. Are you originally from China? I’ve been to Beijing three times and dream of visiting other cities in the country, including Hong Kong and Shanghai, as well as the countryside.

      Anett 🙂

  • I love the new haircut! Pernille did an amazing job!


    • Thanks a lot, Mischa! Yes, she’s a really great hairdresser and going to get my hair cut, I’m as excited as at a spa appointment.

  • Så hyggelig å se deg igjen! Ha en flott uke videre:) -Pernille

    • Takk skal du ha, flinke Pernille! Er kjempefornøyd med den nye frisyren! Kommer innom i ettermiddag og henter hatten min.