My top three hand creams

Tall girl's fashion // Three favourite hand creamsI’m addicted to hand cream. It used to be a mild obsession, but come life post bird flue and the subsequent obsessive hand washing and sanitizing, and my hands are constantly in desperate need of mosture. We are talking soreness and cracks here.

Here are my top three hand creams, ranged according to how much moisture they provide, starting with the lightest:

Tall girl's fashion // Three favourite hand creams

{1} Molton Brown Naran Ji
This is my favourite hand cream in the whole wide world, due to how easily it is absorbed and the unusual but gorgeous scent. I was introduced to this by my ex-boyfriend, of all people, at Selfridges. I used to stock up whenever I went back to the UK, but now it is sold throughout Norway, including the dutyfree at Gardermoen. I’m currently in a slight panic, though, as this is the only place I can find the cream online. Molton Brown seems to have discontinued “my” scent! PS: Molton Brown also has amazing body washes (Eucalyptus is my favourite) and body scrubs.

Tall girl's fashion // Three favourite hand creams

{2} L’Occitane Lavande hand cream
This hand cream was a Christmas gift from a friend who knows my love of anything lavender. I apply the cream every night at bedtime and go to sleep dreaming that I’m frolicking with a handsome French beau in a field of lavender…

Tall girl's fashion // Three favourite hand creams

This is the ultimate cream for winter’s dry and chapped hands! It is really, really rich so a little goes a long way. It also smells deliciously of citrus. You just want to keep putting it on, it’s that good. To my Norwegian readers: Stock up on this product when abroad: It’s less than half price in the UK (approx £7) and France.

Tall girl's fashion // Three favourite hand creams
The cream I most often carry in miniature format in my hand bag is Aveda Hand Relief. It smells really fresh and provide instant moisture on the go.

I’d love to hear about your favourite hand lotion — I’m reading great things about Aesop’s hand cream!