Santa’s light

Tall girl's fashion // Santa's light

One day I was stalking my friends reading my friends’ updates on Facebook, I received an offer to join a group that wants us to light a candle outside on our balcony/front porch/terrasse every day at 6 pm in December. This is done to bring some much needed light into our lives in the darkest month of the year, create a sense of community and is in memory of the socalled Santa of light, who used to light the way for people in the nighttime. As I have a love affair with candles and cosy lighting, I immediately joined the group. Then came the big questions: What kind of light could I keep burning outside in the cold without ruining the candle holder and in the worst case, burn down the building?

Recently, battery operated candles have become more popular here in Norway — they actually give off a decent light and most have a timer, so they turn themselves off after certain amount of hours (normally six). I bought my tall pillar candle from Nille, but Ikea and other stores also have them.

To prevent the candle holder itself from cracking in the cold, I decided on one made of metal. I had been lusting after this rustic grey metallic lantern from Kremmerhuset for quite a few weeks and finally brought it home last weekend.

Tall girl's fashion // Santa's light

So come december 1st, the grey lantern with its electric candle will be swinging from my balcony, leading the way for all my neighbours and Santa’s helpers! Fingers crossed that Santa now will find his way around Ikea and bring me that cool safari print china I want for Christmas…

Want to join me? Find the (Norwegian) Facebook page for the Santa light project here.

Tall girl's fashion // Santa's light