Marks & Spencer opened in Oslo

Tall girl's fashion // Marks & Spencer opened in Oslo

I’m so unbelievably excited about the news that Marks & Spencer (M&S) has opened a store at Steen & Strøm in Oslo! It is the first of a series of food stores opening throughout Scandinavia, offering the delicious treats and savoury goods M&S is reknowned for. It has been a big hit since its opening — they can’t keep enough mince pies and salt & vinegar crips in stock! I’m one of the customers excitedly awaiting the arrival of more salt & vinegar crisps, my favourite flavour: I manically check their Facebook page to see when they have arrived, so I can jump on the bus and head down there before they are sold out again…

Most products from M&S are as beautiful on the outside as the inside, and I couldn’t resist trying this unusual flavour of tea in it’s pretty box — rooibos, vanilla and cocoa nibs. It is very Christmassy with its warm flavours and has become a nice little evening treat before heading to bed. Especially when joined by one of their delicious scones. Highly recommended. But its price is not.

M&S food products are considered expensive in Britain and in Norway they have more than doubled the price of everything, to reflect the general Norwegian price level. Hence, tea that would cost about £2 in the UK is Nok 50/£5 here. This is (shockingly) the regular price of specialty teas in Norway, however, so M&S’s prices are still competitive. The British must suffer from sticker shock, though.