Wrapping gifts + making gift tags

Tall girl's fashion // Christmas gift wrapping

While we open our presents on Christmas eve in Norway, many of you save your presents for Christmas day. Maybe you are spending this evening before the big day wrapping all your gifts while listening to Christmas carols and drinking eggnog or mulled wine? Here is some last minute inspiration for quick and easy wrapping.

Tall girl's fashion // Christmas gift wrap

Gift tags

I made my own gift tags this year. I simply cut white cardboard (actually the back of some Christmas cards that I didn’t like) into little squares large enough to fit your message. I then used decorative border scissors to create a pretty edge, before I punched a hole in one end of the card. Then I stuck on pretty Christmas stickers from the craft store. On the back I wrote the greeting with a gold pen.

Tall girl's fashion // Wrapping Christmas gifts


I like to use different kinds of paper and ribbon on all my gifts, to make the pile of presents under the tree as colourful as humanly possible! One of my favourite gift wraps this year was the most simple one, though: Brown craft paper with red and white woven ribbon tied into a bow, decorated with a felt ornament from Ikea (last year). I love to tie a small ornament on to the gift, as this adds a bit of extra Christmas flair. It is also a good idea to buy or make a little heart in wood or metal, on which you can also write your greeting. Great two-in-one ornament!

Tall girl's fashion // Christmas gift wrap

In Norway, we traditionally use the plastic narrow ribbon from which you can create curls on our gifts, but I also like to use more fancy ribbon that can be reused again and again. I love the red and gold ribbon over white and gold print wrapping paper. Again, I have attached a felt ornament, this time in white.