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Today, I start a new series of posts entitled Lanky Links, in which I will give you five useful/cool/funny/thoughtprovoking links that I have stumbled across on the internet, all covering a certain subject.

First out is the topic of self improvement. Though it’s hard to admit, most of us try to make some changes to our lives comes January 1st. I’m looking to get fit again (I already started working out back in December), find a job that I love and maintain an acceptable work/life balance, as well as to keep my focus on doing activities that make my heart sing each and every day, like in 2014.

I hope this collection of tips will help you live a life you love:

{1} Turning a New Year’s resolution into action with the facts — New York Times gives us a great article getting to terms with seven myths about why it is so hard to change your habits. There are some really good tips on how you actually should go about changing your life here! You might want to start with getting a dog…

{2} Doing these three things will make you happy — Forbes has the solution to living a better and more content life, and that’s definitely worth a closer look. They mention Gretchen Rubin’s book, “The happiness project”, which kick-started my own project on doing daily things that make my heart sing.

{3} For my Norwegian readers // Et fantastisk 2015 — Magasinet Stella har samlet gode råd fra fem ulike eksperter om hvordan du kan gjøre det beste ut av 2015.

{4} Feeling overwhelmed? 14 time management tips that actually work — Marie Claire lists 14 tips, from not multitasking to writing a list of all the things you shouldn’t do, all to make us more effective at work.

{5} 5 ways to focus on what really matters in 2015: Yourself — Entrepreneur has some really good suggestions on how to get more out of this year. I will be look for my own “Bummer free zone” and try to make all 365 days matter, not just “tomorrow”.

Happy Friday!