Happy thoughts

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{1}  The weather —

I’ve never been one to like the winter much — that is the windy and depressingly wet winters of Bergen. The stabile and beautiful winter in Oslo is growing on me, however, and I actually have become slightly addicted to the extremely exhausting runs in the snow, wearing clampons to get anywhere at all. You’ll just see that by next winter, I’ve surprised them all by learning how to ski!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} Oslo Fashion week —

Yes, this week is the biannual Oslo Fashion Week (Moteuka) at Norsk Moteforum, where the brands present and take orders for the autumn/winter 2015 collections. I’m off to present myself to as many potential employers and clients as possible. Wish me luck!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} GPS

In the last couple of weeks I’ve done a lot of great new things and in order to find where these activities are located, the GPS on my phone has been a saviour. From finding my new friend’s flat in the dark (still got lost, as the GPS was one street off) to locating a theatre I had never before visited, my phone’s GPS gets me everywhere almost on time. What did we actually do before we had smart phones — got lost and arrived late or did more research and were on time?!?