Caroline de Maigret // How to be a Parisian

Tall girl's fashion // How to be a Parisian

I finally got my hands on one of the most popular fashion books of 2014 — Caroline de Maigret et al’s guide on How to be a Parisian; Wherever you are.

The book is divided into five chapters: 1. Get the basics. 2. Own your bad habits. 3. Cultivate your allure. 4. Dare to love, and 5. Parisian tips. An entertaining and light read, it gives you an insight into how the Parisian woman dresses and thinks, flirts and eats, raises her children and keeps her allure.

Tall girl's fashion // How to be a Parisian

Including some foolproof Parisian recipes for both quick and more impressive dishes for your next dinner party (to be preferred on Saturday night, as Parisians don’t believe in hanging out in crowded bars amongst the tourists), its short and to the point articles give tips on how to destabilise a man if you want the upper hand in the relationship (my favourite article — I’m currently practising how to talk politics with my mouth and sex with my eyes), how to build a signature dress style, the key items in a chic Parisian wardrobe, how to spend time the Parisian way and a brilliant insight into how to flirt like a Paris pro. The book even gives you four different ideas for dinner party games that are sure to bring fun and excitement to the dinner table!

One of the main tips that I took with me from this entertaining read was to always be wearing sexy lingerie — apparently you never what might happen in the love department when in Paris. Agent Provocateur, here I come!

Buy on Amazon UK here and in Norway here.