Happy thoughts

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Big laundry

I’m so lucky that I have a laundromat in the basement of my building that I can use completely free of charge. As I have a washing maching in my flat, I’ve never had the need to check out the laundromat until I recently wanted to clean my summer down duvet and cotton bedspread, items too big for my own machine. The industrial sized washing machine and huge drying room downstairs were perfect to clean these large items. Now I’m contemplating doing my next load of sheets downstairs as well, as they dry in just an hour in that amazing drying room!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} Long-lasting roses

Last time I visited a florist, I asked which tricks she had up her sleeves to help me keep my roses fresh for as long as possible. Following her advice of cutting and changing the water every single day ensured that my last bouquet lasted for over two weeks. You bet I’m following this advice for ever!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} Sewing pile

I’m probably not the only one who keeps a sewing pile — a pile of clothes or home textiles that need repair. Why pull out the sewing machine when there’s only one item that needs repair, right? Last weekend I finally tackled my pile and it feels great to finally wear my cropped cotton jacket, perfect for spring — almost a year after I bought it! As per usual, I was amazed at how quickly I got through the entire pile — hardly worth procrastinating over at all…