Happy thoughts

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Becoming more efficient —

I have a great desire to become more efficient and get more done in an average day. When I came across the book Eat that frog by Brian Tracy, I had to give it a try. Though most of the advice is very obvious, the 21 tips, from slicing a task into smaller more manageable tasks to identifying (with your superior) those areas that are critical that you get done and focus on these each and every day, it has been very helpful to get them all spelt out and put in order.

He uses the term creative procrastination, where you deliberately put off those tasks that are of the lowest value, so that you have enough time to complete the important tasks. This is something that I have struggled with in the past, as though these tasks are less important, I’ve always felt that they still need to be done. He suggest that you decide whether they really have to be done or are just nice to get done, can they be delegated to someone else who doesn’t have your unique competencies or can you discuss with your superior whether these tasks ever need to be done, as there is not enough time and resources to actually get them done, if not at the expense of the important tasks. This is a great concept that I will strive to try out.

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} Trout roe —

Big was my suprise when I cut open the rainbow trout that my brother gave me a while back (self caught, of course) to find two big sacks of roe! I’ve never come across a fish with roe before and got really excited. I added salt, pepper and lemon juice to the roe and have used it as a beautiful garnish on my tuna salad and in my thai red curry soup. Decadent!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} “Outside beer” —

I got so excited when I saw that my local shopping centre, Manglerud, has erected a new outdoor deck outside their Asian restaurant. I can’t wait to break it in with a cold beer!

In Norway, drinking beer outside is called utepils, quite literally translated at outside beer. It’s an activity we take very seriously, in particular in places like Bergen where there are very few days that you can actually enjoy a beer outside without freezing your butt off. That won’t be a problem here in Manglerud!

Happy 132

{4} Going to the theatre —

Though my Nationaltheatret theatre pass has expired, I still managed to see two shows last week. I had high hopes for comedian Are Kalvø’s new show (Det norske teatret) and I wasn’t disappointed. He even managed to joke about death in a very human and humbling way. I also saw the play Skylight (Nationaltheatret), which was a lot sadder than I thought it would be, though I should have know better considering it was a kind of breakup story… In both circumstances, it was a treat to hang out with two of my favourite friends and get some cultural inspiration!