Happy thoughts

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Holiday planning —

Though it’s still early days, my friend Å and I have started planning our holiday to Italy in September. I love Italy and can’t wait to get back! We are touring the North, flying in to Milan and heading for Lake Garda and Sirmione. Trips to Verona are on the list, possibly along with a day or two in Venice. We might even bring our mothers along to celebrate my mum’s big day in late September! Travelling as a group is a big change from me, as I often travel solo, but it’s going to be lovely to share the adventure with someone!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} Designer Admir Batlak

Last week, gallery 1857 showed the autumn/winter collection of Norwegian designer Admir Batlak. 1857 is housed in a very old building in Grønland with the most retro (and bright orange!) linoleum flooring ever. The collection was on display in the warehouse in the back of the building, with skylights providing great lighting. The photographer Ingrid Eggen ‘s shots of the collection accompanied garments on mannequins and hangers. I love when people find creative new ways to do something and this was a great example of that!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} Illegal Burger

I’m on a quest to try all the best burger joints in Oslo and this little gem has been long in the waiting. The tiny restaurant serves delicious American-style burgers that cost around Nok 100,-, along with yummy potato wedges with aioli and a wide selection of craft beers, including their own brand. Highly recommended!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{4} The Roise project // Graeme Simsion

Once I got started on this book, I couldn’t put it down, as I was dying to know how Don’s hunt for the perfect wife would turn out! Don has Aspberger’s and creating relationship is therefore very difficult for him. His solution is to distribute a questionnaire to all the women that he meets, with questions ranging from whether they smoke (a big no) to solving a complicated maths problem, to help him find the perfect woman. Naturally, things do not go according to plan. Read the book if you want a heartwarming story that makes you laugh out loud.

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{5} Wardrobe clearout —

Every few days I post new items for sale on my Finn account — it’s great to see my clothes (and other belongings) being of use to other people! The additional space that slowly is materialising in my closet is also a welcome change, as things were getting pretty tight in there. My goal moving forward is to only make really thought through purchases of things that I need or strongly want, so I actually wear more of the clothes that I own.