Happy Thoughts

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} My first photoshoot

On Saturday, my friend Lise and I trotted off to Frognerparken to shoot outfits for the blog. This was the first time I’ve shot in a semi-professional way in public with me as the model, so it was really exciting! Though I initially felt that everybody was staring at me and we got a few nasty comments for hogging Sinnataggen (Vigeland’s infamous sculpture of a toddler throwing a hissy fit) for all of four minutes, it was a great few hours spent in a gorgeous setting — in incredible sunshine. The first outfit from the shoot was posted this morning and there are three more to come.

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} My first artwork

Not counting the gorgeous Geisha painting that my dad made, currently in its pride of place above my sofa, I recently purchased my first piece of art. Visiting artist Camilla Grythe’s show at Fineart I fell in love with her style and subject matter, and decided to invest in one of her smaller artworks. It’s now hanging above my bed and every time I enter my bedroom, I take a moment to admire it. Looking at the painting is second best to actually going to New York and feeling the energetic puls of this fascinating city!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

Photo credit: thetelevixen.com

{3} Series finales

Living alone for years, I’ve become quite a TV buff. In addition to the news, I mostly watch drama or comedy series (films are watched in the cinema or on Netflix, as TV films are invariably reruns of Pretty woman). Sunday night is my favourite TV night, with series such as Nashville, Scandal and Indian summers. Yesterday was the grand finale of two other series that I’ve been eagerly watching: Parenthood and Hart of Dixie. Though both finales got a bit soppy towards the end — the whole town dancing on the grass in Hart of Dixie, anyone? — both shows were just so happy and joyful. Quite the opposite feeling you get from watching an episode of House of cards or Orphan black

Tall girl's fashion // Happy thoughts

{4} Frame denim

While admiring gorgeous trousers in the luxury boutique YME in Paleet shopping centre early this week, the incredibly chic Monica (Margiela and Owens from top to bottom) persuaded me to try on a pair of Le High Flare jeans from Frame. I’ve seen rave reviews of these jeans in magazines and online, but I always thought people were exaggerating — how can anyting beat my beloved MiH Marrakesh’s?

Though the jury is out on whether Frame beats MiH, I’m now convinced that Frame has some impressive jeans. The denim is soft as velvet, while the amazing stretch seems to hold its shape forever. And let’s not forget the most important sales argument of them all — the legs are a mile long! I’m actually forced to wear heels, otherwise the legs will be dragging on the ground.

I’m so happy that I now have TWO jean brands to reach for when I need an update in my wardrobe. Who would have thunk?!?

  • 1) Your first photo shoot sounds like it was a ton of fun (despite the party poopers making nasty comments); 2) What a great piece! We like to buy art too 3) I love that you watch Nashville!!! I lived there for 3 years and really miss it. It’s a bit different (in a good way) than the show portrays of course, but I always love seeing the landmarks and locations that they show (and all the drama in the show is oh-so-entertaining) 4) I’m having MAJOR denim envy right now. Those look/sound fabulous.

    • Anett

      Living in Nashville must have been amazing! I imagine it as a really friendly, cool city that never sleeps, where you can walk into any bar at any time of the day and hear great music live on stage. And it’s almost obligatory to wear a cool hat! You should seek out those jeans and try hem on — you’ll be forced by your bum and legs to buy them!.. 😉 xoxo Anett