Happy Thoughts

Tall girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{1} Pretty peonies

I’ve invested in some pretty silk flowers to use for photo shoots. Peonies are my favourite flowers, but they have an incredibly short season here in Norway — now I get to enjoy them all year around!

Tall girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} New fashion magazines

It’s that time of the month again — the time for a new batch of fashion magazines to arrive in the mail. I try to keep a one-in-two-out system for my magazines, as I’m still not quite through the stack I showed you two weeks ago. Sadly, Norwegian STYLEmag folded this month, so now there will be one less magazine to look forward to every month.

Tall girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} Tax return completed

After a few days of hard graft, on Saturday evening I finally completed my tax return. I probably grew a few grey hairs in the process, but now I know what to do next year, when I’m sure it will be on a bigger scale. I’ve also got a great system in place that will make the preparations that much easier.

Tall girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{4} My sandals are back

Celebrating the completion of my tax return took place in my shoe shelf — my winter shoes were put into storage and my sandals came out to play. Now, I’ll only need a bit of summer outside as well — we are promised 20 degrees and sunshine towards the end of the week, but considering there’s a sunny storm outside today, I won’t hold my breath…