Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Lilac roses

I squeeled with joy when I saw these full lilac roses at the florist’s in Paleet (though they seem more pink in this photograph)! Lilac is my favourite colour and roses one of my favourite flowers. The best thing is that they’ve been looking gorgeous for well over a week now.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} New photo shoot

This time Lise and I ventured to Akershus Fortress on what must have been the windiest day of the year. Hair and clothing had a will of its own — I just tried to focus on holding on to my hat!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} Belt bag

It was love at first sight when I saw this cute belt bag at Zara! You’ll see it in many an outfit post this summer, I promise.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{4} Alejandro Fuentes

United Bloggers, a Norwegian blog platform, hosted a free summer concert at Aker Brygge on Friday afternoon. The headliner was Alejandro Fuentes, who sings Encore, one of the big hits this summer. Listen to the song here and feel the twitch in your dancing feet.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{5} Getting fit with Jillian

For the past month I’ve been quite lazy with my fitness routine. Bored with my runs, I tought I’d switch things up a bit by following Jillian’s 30 day shred, with the hope of achieving a more bikini appropriate middle section for when the real summer arrives (it’s dragging its feet this year).

Two days in, I’m still positive that I’ll preservere for a whole 30 days, though I was sweating like a pig this morning. Don’t be fooled by the fact that each workout only lasts 20 minutes — this means 20 minutes of non-stop jumping, pushing and pulling with no chance of catching your breath. Much like David Kirsch, Jillian wants you to keep your heartrate up throughout the session to burn a maximum amount of calories. She achieves this by working two muscle groups simultaneously in every strength exercise.

My plan is to keep at the programme for the whole 30 days and I’ll give you an update on my progress in the next three Happy Thoughts.

I’d love to know if you have any experience with Jillian’s workout programmes or can recommend any other fitness DVDs that I should give a try? I like my workouts quite hard without too much coordination (dancing isn’t for me).

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  • I just stopped by to say that you inspired me to start the 30 day shred today since I only have 2.5 weeks before my summer vacation. It’s going to be HOT which means showing some skin so I desperately need to tone up all my jiggly parts. Hopefully, I’ll see some results in 2.5 weeks. How is it coming for you? Do you feel like you’re seeing results? I don’t have handheld weights yet so I used two heavy beer mugs. Hehe. Will likely buy weights tomorrow.

    • Anett

      Hahaha, I love the beer mugs! Knowing how big they come in Germany, they are probably heavier than my hand weights!!! Thanks for making my day! You can also fill half-litre water bottles with water or sand. They even have handles to attach two water bottles on each, to make manuals on the go. Btw, if you ever come across those, buy me a pair, as I want to bring them on holidays and can’t find a shop that ships to Norway.

      As for results, I already feel stronger and more fit, though I can’t see much change in my mucsle tone yet. That will probably happen after 2-3 weks. The programme is quite tough and you burn the maximum amount of calories while toning those muscles, so I expect great things. Let’s just say that the rave reviews from other users better come true for me as well! But anyway, it’s great getting back in shape and doing something else than running. Just knowing that I’ve exercised always makes me feel more fit and in shape, so I’m halfway there already! The best of luck to you, too! Let’s kick some butt (ie our own)! xoxo Anett

      • That’s genius about the handles to attach to water bottles! I’m going to keep an eye out for them. I did manage to buy some 5 lb hand weights but on at least one exercise, I’m still using the mugs . 🙂

        I just finished day 3. I’m hoping I see a little less jiggle by late next week. We shall see. I do feel very happy with myself that I’m doing SOMETHING every day now and that I’m sore. It’s always an annoying but good (in a weird way) feeling.

        • Anett

          I bet the mugs are easy to hold on to with their big handles! 😉 Isn’t feeling sore so strangely satifying? It’s like you (believe you) can feel your body changing. And if there’s pain, there should be gain as well, right? Keep at it! xoxo Anett