Braving The Cropped Top

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

This season the cropped top has been more popular than ever, but I’ve been eyeing it with suspicion. I think it looks great on women with a toned midsection — I just wish I were one of those. While I’m completely comfortable wearing longer cropped tops that hit me at the top of my trousers or skirts and barely show any skin at all, wearing anything that resemles a bra more than an actual shirt is far outside my comfort zone. I had a few that I wore non stop in my twenties, but 20 years have gone by and my belly isn’t quite what it used to be, unfortunately, despite all my jumping about to Jillian’s commands in the 30 day shred.

Still, I decided to be brave and give this cute top a shot, as I loved its shape, the back detail and its fabric — it’s knitted in the softest viscose. I cleverly thought that if I paired it with high waisted trousers, I’ll actually be showing off my rib cage more than my belly, and my ribs are in better shape than what’s happening four inches further down my body. Also, when I look back on this outfit ten years from now and gravitation has wrecked further havoc with my body, I will be impressed by how good I look and wish I’d worn cropped tops every single day!

To keep the look belly appropriate and create an interesting silhouette, I paired the top with high-waisted culottes and layered with a cardigan. While I kept the cardigan on when I met up with friends in town, I braved to take it off for the sake of these photographs. Here’s to pushing boundaries and venturing outside one’s comfort zone. YOLO, friends!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

H&M navy cardigan, striped top and nude sandals (50 % off now) // Whistles navy culottes // Mulberry Bayswater green handbag // Earrings are souvenirs from Copenhagen // Edblad brass bangle and ring // Komono golden watch

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cropped top & wide culottes

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  • Dawn Lucy

    You look stunning in a crop top! So fit and chic! And love that cool back detail! Bravo, dear!


    Dawn Lucy


    • Thanks, Dawn Lucy! I held my stomach in the whole time… Haha! xoxo Anett

  • You GO, Girl!!! Lookin’ good here. I’m not much on crop tops, but this one really does have a nice cut and you paired it well with a good fitting bottom. It shows off your lovely figure, while still remaining tasteful.

    • Thanks, Shani! It took some planning and stomach holding in to get it right… Haha! xoxo Anett

  • Good for you for YOLO’ing! haha! I love stripes and I love it when tops have something fun going on in the back so I’d say this crop top is a winner in my book. It’s great how you’ve nailed two current trends by pairing it with the culottes. I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to try a crop top but I say bravo to you!

    • Haha, I didn’t think I’d ever wear a cropped top out in pulic either, but never say never, right? Now the sky is the limit! xoxo Anett