Happy National Lipstick Day

Tall Girl's Fashion // National lipstick day

The clever fashionistas in the US have appointed a special day to celebrate all the amazingness that goes on our lips and today is the day. Happy National Lipstick Day, everyone!

If you are as excited about lipstick as I am, head on over to these two websites and check out their amazing edits of “colourful bullets”. They provide you with lots of options for every complection and every budget. Enjoy!

Glitter Guide staff list their all-time favourite lipsticks, both high and low

Fashionista’s editors name their favourite lipsticks at every price range, divided by colour category

  • I had no idea….I’m afraid lipstick manufacturers don’t get much money from me. I wear about 4 different colors ever. Red, Dark Brown, Burgundy and just gloss with a tan lip liner. When at home I wear lip balm constantly, but am faithful to one brand.

    • Haha, it’s not the most important day of the year, I agree. 😉 Cudos to you for sticking to your four different colours — you’ve found the perfect pallet for your needs. I keep adding new ones as I think it’s so much fun to try new types and new brands. I’m on a shopping ban now, though, and gives me time to enjoy those that I have. xoxo Anett