Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{1} Thank goodness for wool socks —

Though it’s supposed to be summer and some days are gorgeous, most days are cold and windy. Yesterday, I was so happy that I haven’t packed away all my wool sweaters — it took two pairs of wool socks and a thick woolly sweater to warm me up.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} Dog rescue centre —

The highlight of last week was visiting FOD, the Oslo dog (and cat) rescue centre, on Friday afternoon. Before I went, I looked up all their dogs online and decided that I wanted to take the cute Jack Russell Terrier Ludvig for a walk, if he was available. Luckily, he was and he was as cute as a button. I was quiet surprised at how strong his little body was on the walk — he eagerly swifted from the right to the left and back to the right side of the road to sniff each and every bush and tree trunk.

I also took Ludvig’s room mate Turbo for a walk, but he didn’t want to stay out for long — the company of the people refurbishing the meeting room in his quarters beckoned, probably because they made him feel like he was part of a family again. This made me feel so sad — what all these dogs really want is to live with kind people who love them and take care of them. So I’m going back this week for more walks, which is my small contribution to help these dogs — and say hello to cutie pie Ludvig.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} Norwegian strawberries —

Since it’s quite cold in Norway, our strawberries take their time to ripen. This means that they become incredibly sweet and juicy and are definitely worth the wait. Yum!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{4} 30 day shred —

While I’m actually done with 30 days of Jillian Michael’s tough 30 day shred, I’ll keep on going, as I’m not quite as fit as I’d like to be yet. I moved to level 3 over a week ago, but I still can’t do more than two days after one another at this level, as my arms can’t take anymore. I won’t quit until a can do at least a week at level 3 — at that point my arms will be made of steel.

A quick review of this DVD would be that I love it. I’ve never seen results so quickly and in just the places that I wanted them — arms, tummy, bum and thighs. Despite a couple of muscle knots at the beginning, I’ve really never felt sore or in pain during this month of exercise. I just feel really tired after two days at level 3, not sore.

Once I can handle level 3 comfortably, my plan is to keep using the DVD, but mix things up with other types of exercise — two days DVD, one day run, two days DVD, one day yoga, etc. I definitely want to get back into running and might train for a 10k to improve my speed. Just watch this space…

  • OK…question. Is Norway a summer vacation destination? In other words, does it get crowded with tourists in the summer? Because I’m trying to think of somewhere we can go next year in July and August where it’s actually COOL so that we get a break for the heat. Is that weird? I shouldn’t complain. We do have our fair share of mild summer days but also many days in the 30s and going on vacation to a locale that’s mid to upper-30s (like Italy) was not the best idea. We both wished we’d gone to Ireland or Scotland or ANYWHERE else with a cooler climate.

    Great job finishing the shred! I like your goal of getting to a week at level 3 and then your idea of mixing it up. I was planning to start the whole 30 days over again on Monday but had a slip-and-fall in the rain on Sunday which resulted in a strained wrist, very bruised elbow and general aches and pains. Sigh!

    • Oh no, I’m so sad to hear about your fall! I hope you will get better soon so you can get back into the shred. It has done amazing things for my body — and still is.

      Unless you are into skiing, only visit Norway in the summer! ;.-) Summer temps in southern Norway are around 20-25 degress celsius, so right in your desired range. This summer has been unusually cold at 15-20 degress (brrr), while last summer was 30+ for about two months, which we’d never experienced before.

      Let me know if you want ideas for where to go, as there is lots to see and do. While we don’t have as much art and swimming as Italy, our scenery is breathtaking. If you visit, you have to bring your hiking boots and get around the mountains. You are welcome to stay on my comfy sofa bed and I’ll take you all around Oslo. I believe it’s the world’s only capital city where you can go skiing 20 minutes from town in the winter and go from sandy beaches to gorgeous hiking trails in the summer. Strangely, Oslo feels deserted in the summer, as more citizens leave on holiday than tourists visiting. That’s not the case from Bergen, which is crowded with tourists and hotel rooms are rare from May until August.

      I’m actually from Bergen and can tell you everywhere to go in western Norway. Typically, tourists fly to Bergen and see the city, do the unbelievable Norway in a nutshell tour and then take the pretty train ride to Oslo (about 6 hrs). Then museums, castle, Vigeland’s park, fortress, beaches and mountains of Oslo before heading home.

      If you have lots of money, also schedule in a visit to northern Norway. It’s breathtaking! Or take the Hurtigruten cruise along the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes.

      I always visit Italy in the spring or September, when the temps are more manageable to us Northeners. 😉

      Wow, your question really got me going, didn’t it?!? xoxo Anett

      • Thanks so much for all of the juicy tidbits about visiting Norway. I think the tourist office needs to give you commission because I am now convinced I must come there. 20-25 degrees sounds WONDERFUL. Our heatwave has passed and it is currently 14 degrees and raining with a low of 9 tonight!!! Of course, we’ll be back to sweating our bums off in the 30s next week but we’ve also had a string of days in the mid-20s which has been lovely. I really cannot keep track of all of the temperature swings though. Anyways, back to Norway – it really does sound like there are so many amazing things to see. I will certainly be asking you for more tips if/when we visit.

        • I’m happy to help! You know, you can easily do Bergen or Oslo over a long weekend in the spring through to autumn months (and winter Oslo, if you want to go skiing). Norwegian sells cheap flighs from a range of different cities around Europe. If you stay cheap — or with me — it can be quite a nice and economical little holiday. As if I haven’t tempted you enough already, haha! xoxo Anett

  • Ah, Ludvig is a cutie! That’s a very good thing you’re doing, dog walking, oh and the working out, too, of course. The strawberries look yummy! We still have some very good French ones right now.

    • The dog walking is just as fun for me as the dogs, as I love them and am considering adopting one from the home. If they approve me, that is. Fingers crossed! xoxo Anett

      • Maybe Ludvig would be available! Jack Russells are so cute.

        • That’s what I’m hoping. To be continued… 😉