Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

Marc Quinn’s sculpture of Kate Moss marks the entrance of Clarion Hotel Folketeatret

{1} A staycation —

A short (and free) holiday at the fancy Clarion Hotel Folketeatret was just what I needed to recharge my batteries and clear my mind. I’ve found it hard to stay motivated lately, but after this short break I feel like myself again. The fact that I basically just caught the bus into town to get away is irrelevant, really — I got a much needed change of scenery and I still love exploring Oslo.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} Dog love —

I went back to the animal rescue centre this week and had another tete-a-tete with little Ludvig, the Jack Russel Terrier above. Walking these dogs gives me so much joy. Look how cute he is!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} DIY trousers —

Sometimes getting something really easy done can take me forever. If there ever was a world championship in procrastination, I would take home the gold medal in quite a few categories, apart from doing laundry, sleeping, sunbathing, getting dressed, typing, keeping orchids and eating. I excel in those areas.

Procrastination case in point are these linen-mix trousers: I’ve been meaning to take them in since last summer, as they are too wide around the bum and as we all know, a saggy bottom is not a great look. Well, this is your lucky day, as I finally got around to fixing the trousers and the easy-peasy DIY will be up on the blog this afternoon. Make sure you check it out — I’m probably not the only tall woman to have had to size up my trousers and got a saggy bottom as a result…

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{4} Pistachio ice cream —

I need an intervention. I have developed a serious addiction to Diplom-Is’s Royal pistachio ice cream. This flavour has been around for ages, but I first tried it on Saturday, wanting to choose something different than my usual Sandwich. I’m living on the edge here, I know. The pistachio ice cream tastes so good, I’m tempted to have one Every. Single. Day. Even just writing about it makes my mouth water. Please help.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{5} Helping a fashionable friend —

While familiarising myself with the fashion industry in Oslo, I’ve got to know fashion designer and entrepreneur Anita Godell of the Oslo-based brand Aphru quite well. To help spread the word about her gorgeous collection — she designed my all-time favourite silk-jersey jumpsuit, which fits my tall body so well — I am running an (unpaid) ad for her line in the sidebar.

She currently offers 50 % off her entire spring and summer collection, so click on over to her webshop and check out the gorgeous garments, all made by Italian craftsmen in the softest natural fibres. If you can’t find your size, shoot her an email, as she has more stock in her Paleet store.

  • So many goodies in this post! I must say that I might give you a run for the gold medal in procrastinating. Good job fixing your saggy bottoms. I hate when pants do that and I look forward to the tutorial. That’s awesome that you are collaborating with a local designer. I’m way behind on my blog reading so I need to go read your review of the jumpsuit. Also, that dog is SO adorable. I don’t know how you resist taking him home. And that ice cream…I have no words except get in my belly. 🙂

    • Burp! I just finished another ice cream… I just can’t stop!

      I’m actually trying to adopt a dog, but Ludvig might not be the right one for me. He hasn’t had the correct training while growing up and is a biter, so he might need someone more experienced to change his behaviour. He’s a joy to walk, though — he sniffs EVERYTHING and will even start digging if the scent is irresistible enough. xoxo Anett

  • Good to see what’s up with you!

    • Thanks! I try to live by the saying: Happiness is not a destination. It’s a way of life. xoxo Anett