How To Tailor Your Trousers

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to tailor trousers to fit

I believe that the term saggy bottom was invented by a tall girl buying ill-fitting trousers in the non-tall section. I assume you agree, no?

Well, here’s my reasoning: Since I tend to wear non-tall clothing, I often have to size up my trousers to make the rise tall enough, since the waistband hits me much lower than intended. While the larger size enables me to close up the trousers (and minimizes my muffin top), it also adds unnecessary fabric around the hips and bottom.

On a quest to remove this extra fabric and make the trousers more bum appealing, I got my sewing machine out. Here’s my easy-peasy instructions for how to take in trousers that only need a slight alteration (if they need taken in a large amount, a tailor is your best friend. Or just go and buy a new pair):


Sewing machine

Safety pins (so you don’t hurt yourself)

Sewing thread in the same colour as the trousers

Contrasting colour sewing thread and needle


Tall Girlis fashion // How to tailor trousers to fit

1. Turn the trousers inside out and put them on. Get a friend to help you pin the excess fabric along the seam in the middle back, not forgetting the waist band. Use safety pins in place of sewing pins to prevent you from hurting yourself when you take the trousers off and back on again.

Tall Girl's fashion // How to tailor trousers to fit

2. Take the trousers off, even out the safety pins and add more if there are any large gaps. Ensure that the fabric is even on both sides of the back seam. Turn the trousers right side out and put them back on. Check that the fit is good. If not, adjust the pins and try again.

The line of the safety pins should gradually meet the back seam under your bottom. I let mine meet well before hitting the “intersection” in the crotch (where the two leg seams meet the front-to-back seam), as I wanted to keep the height of my rise. If you want to reduce the rise, you need the safety pins to run all the way through the crotch to the bottom of the zipper in front.

Tall Girl's fashion // How to tailor trousers to fit

3. Turn the trousers inside out. Thread the needle with the contrasting sewing thread, use double thread and tie a knot at the end. Sew basting stitches along the line of the safety pins, removing the pins as you go. Don’t fasten the end — turn the trousers right side out and try them on for the last time. If they are perfect, turn inside out again and lightly fasten the thread.

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to tailor trousers to fit

4. Thread the sewing machine with a thread matching the trousers’ colour. If you are taking in the waist band, cut through the middle of the excess fabric here before you sew, as this makes it easier to sew. Using straight stitches, sew along the line of the basting thread, ensuring that you fasten the seam well at the beginning and end. Sew slowly over the waist band, so the needle doesn’t break going over the thick fabric. Remove the basting thread.

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to tailor trousers to fit

5. Cut off the excess fabric leaving a 1 cm selvage along the seam. To prevent the fabric from unravelling, change the sewing machine’s settings to zigzag stitches and run two seams along the cut selvage, fasting the thread well at the start and end.

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to tailor trousers to fit

Turn the trousers right side out, put them on and revel at the wonder that it only took about 30 minutes to bring your bottom back to its sexy self!

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  • Bravo! I have this same problem. Not because I’m tall, although at 5’8″ I guess I’m the short side of tall, but because although I’m curvy, I am not well endowed in the derriere department. That’s fine with me, but sometimes it is difficult to get trousers to fit. I tend to go with a baggy fit, so it doesn’t matter, or the opposite, a tight fit (leggings or other stretch) so that they’re, well…tight.

    • At 5’8” you are taller than most women, so I’d say you are tall. Welcome to the club! 😉 I’m happy to gave given you an option to make your baggy trousers fit a bit better if you ever feel like bringing out the sewing machine. Some trousers I don’t mind being baggy, while others — like these I DIY’ed — really need to be altered. I’d say it depends on the fabric and the type of trousers. As always, thanks for reading. Your kind and funny comments are GREATLY appreciated! xoxo Anett