Styling Those Pyjama Trousers

Tall Girl's Fashion // Stylling pyjama pants

Sometimes unexplanatory things happen when I head outside to shoot my outfits.

Some days I feel really good about myself and life in general, everything goes according to plan and I shoot lots of what I believe are great photographs. But…hardly any of them turn out well. My eyes are closed, my clothes off kilter and that car in the background grabs all the attention.

Then come the days when I quickly want to snap a couple of shots during the golden hour and run outside with my tripod. Quickly things turn sour — the remote won’t work, the camera keeps tilting down as I haven’t tightened the screw hard enough, the camera jams, and I have to take a one minute break between each shot as the battery in the remote is about to die.

And…to my complete surprise, the photographs from the crazy shoot turn out really well and I have lots to choose from. Only a couple of shots have to be deleted because my eyes are closed (to save time and effort, I should just wear sunglasses in every shot) and I love the golden light from the sun setting — I look so tanned!

True story. Now over to my outfit, which is what this blog is really all about.

Styling a pair of pyjama trousers can be a challenge. The outfit should look effortlessly cool and not give away how long it really took to style to ensure it does not look like you are wearing pyjamas.

When I realised these pyjama-hareem-workout hybrid trousers finally fit me again, I ran to my wardrobe to find a top to pair them with. After trying on several different tops that all turned out either too plain (white fitted t-shirt) or too volumious (white peasant blouse), I landed on this fuschia vest that is fitted just right without being tight. Its colour matches both the bright blue and the muted pink in the trousers well.

If you have an eye for detail, you can see that the button on my trousers’ cuff is left open. Tight trouser hems are a common problem for us tall girls, isn’t it, as the trousers fit shorter than they are supposed to. To prevent the cuffs from getting caught on my ankles when I sit down, I simply leave them undone — and I think being slightly undone suits the chill pyjama trend perfectly.

Everything I’m wearing in this outfit is several years old, so I can’t include any good shopping links. Would you like me to add links to similar items for sale online, where I can find a good substitue? Or are you happy to take the post just as inspiration for mixing and matching your current wardrobe?

Please let me know, as I’d love to make my posts as useful to you as possible. Thanks!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Stylling pyjama pants

H&M fuschia top and printed trousers // TopShop black sandals // Marc by Marc Jacobs grey clutch // White trilby is a souvenir from Barcelona // Silver bangle is gift from Thailand // Armani silver/brown watch // Accessorize silvery necklace // Unknown brand silver stud earrings

Tall Girl's Fashion // Stylling pyjama pants

Tall Girl's Fashion // Stylling pyjama pants

Tall Girl's Fashion // Stylling pyjama pants

Tall Girl's Fashion // Stylling pyjama pants

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  • Great shots and love the outfit. I like these kind of loose fitting pants. In fact, the ones I favor are even looser. I’m debating whether to post some photos with them or not. Let’s face it, mine are not the most slimming. Are these photos from your troublesome shoot? Because they turned out very good. Oh, and thanks for letting me know about that post of mine with the image not appearing (it’s a diploma). It looked just fine on my computer, but not on my husband’s. Hmm…strange, but I’ve reloaded it now and I think it’s okay.

    • Thanks, Shani! Yes, this is from the shoot that I thought went pearshaped, but the pics turned out great. It’s a funny old world! Wide trousers are often not that slimming, but wearing a heel and something fitted on top helps to even out the volume. Give it a go! xoxo Anett