3 Moisturising Lipsticks

Tall Girl's Fashion // 3 best moisturising lipsticks

I love me a good lip product that adds moisture as well as colour. Lucky for me, there’s currently a trend for moisturizing lip stains and I have three favourites to recommend to you. Common for all three products is that they are quite sheer, so you only get a faint wash of the colour on your lips, as opposed to the bright vibrancy of the colour in the bullet.

Remember to try the colour on the inside of your hand before purchasing — your skin colour here more closely resembles your lips’ colour than that on the back of you hand.

Here are my three suggestions:

Tall Girl's Fashion // 3 best moisturising lipsticks

{1} Chanel Rouge Coco Shine — Having been on the market for several years, this hydrating colour lip shine contains hydrantendre complex, which softens and plumps lips. The formual is very sheer and moisturising and feels great on the lips. It’s available in an incredible 30 colours, so I challenge you not to find a colour or two that suit you. Personally, I love this lipstick, but its soapy floral scent is slightly too intense for me. Still, I’ve used my two colours a lot: 55 Romance (a pale pink) and 467 Pygmalion (a discontinued pale orange-y pink — 497 Trepide looks similar).

If you live in Norway, check out Chanel’s products in Kicks stores — they are not available online.

Tall Girl's Fashion // 3 best moisturising lipsticks

{2} Lancome Shine Lover  — Most recently launched, this is a very moisturising, glossy lipstick infused with hyaluronic acid and rose de muscat oil. Supposedly, the products has “the ease of a balm, the attitude of a lipstick” and that sounds good to me. It is available in 14 pretty colours and comes in a pretty white and silver art deco tube. The lipstick has a faint and pleasant floral scent. I was in the market for a light and bright pink and 334 Insta-Rose hit the spot perfectly. I think I need to go back and check out 373 Palpitante, though…

In Norway, you can buy Lancome Shine Lover at Kicks, my favourite makeup store. If you become a member you get 15 % off your orders all summer, and avoid paying shipping by picking up in your nearest store.

Tall Girl's Fashion // 3 best moisturising lipsticks

{3} Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer — This product launched earlier this spring and is available in 16 pretty colours, all demi-matte. The moisturising formula feels incredibly soft on your lips and makes you want to reapply again and again! The product is unscented, which I really like, and comes in a cool square tube in silver and the colour of the lipstick. How cool is that! You can actually tell them apart if you get more than one. No more marking your tubes with stickers, like I do with my Chanels… I wanted the perfect nude lipstick and 01 Nude Pop was an excellent choice.

If you live in Norway, check out Clinique Pop Lip Colour in Kicks — they are not available online.

PS // As usual, I’m not paid anything to write this post — I simply love these products and wanted to share the love with you!

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  • I love a great Chanel lipstick, they don’t disappoint that’s for sure and are very creamy if you go for a shine shade like you have done here.

    You really do notice the difference when you go high end with lip-stick.

    Great colours also!

    Laura http://www.shehearts.net x

    • I so agree about the shiny Chanels, Laura Marie. I had a matt Chanel as well, but it was so dry it sucked the moisture out of my lips. I ended up just tossing it out and focusing on my moisturising formulas. The Clinique POP’s are my new favourites, however. I’ve almost used up the tube I featured in this post already! xoxo Anett

  • I like the sounds of these! I’m SO bad about remembering to wear lip color but if I had something uber moisturous (not a word, I know) like these 3, then I might be more inclined to wear them. I do have two Dior fluid sticks that feel great on – I just need to make it a point to wear them more!

    • Uber moisturising sounds good to me! Try the Lancome — you’ll really want to put it on again and again and again and… Yes, you got the idea! xoxo Anett

  • These look very nice. I confess, I don’t spend much on lipsticks. If I use a lip liner (and I do) I find I have just as much luck with inexpensive as expensive ones. The more expensive lipsticks do have prettier cases though.

    • I tend to buy more expensive brands as then I can get help selecting the correct type and colour — and gain points/use a voucher at Kicks. Revlon is a non-expensive brand with a great selection that I’d buy if it were available here in Norway, though! H&M is soon launching a new makeup collection that I have high hopes for. Hopefully, they’ll use the same manufacturer as for & Other Stories’s makeup, which is great quality at a really good price.

      I completely agree about the cases — the last Chanel lipstick I bought has a push up opening mechanism that is unbelievably cool! 😉 xoxo Anett