A Happy, Grateful Friday

Tall Girl's Fashion // Thank you for featuring me

Celebrating with icecream!

Today has been an amazing day blogwise! And weatherwise, come to think of it. But let’s stick to the blog for now.

First, I found out that Dawn Lucy of the popular blog Fashion Should Be Fun is featuring me and my Frame Le High Flares in her weekly Fun Fashion Friday Linkup. This is a true honour and I’m so grateful that she picked my outfit out of all the hundreds of outfits she sees every week. Thanks, Dawn Lucy!

Next, my dear blog friend Beth of Tall Fashion Adventures features me in her post Sew Cool! Bloggers Who Sew, on the basis of my DIY posts on how to tailor regular-sized clothing to fit us tall women. Again, what an honour, not least because I’m not the most skilled sewer in the world (that honour is a tie between my former colleague Randi and my friend Lisbeth), but need teaches naked woman to spin, right? Thanks, Beth!

Finally, my post on how to find the perfect slouchy t-shirt is part of Sally of Already Pretty‘s amazing collection of links from around the web in her weekly Lovely Links post. How cool is that? Thank you so much, Sally!

I feel truly honoured to be selected by all of these three succesful bloggers to feature on their website and I hope to pay them back some day. For the time being, they will have to make do with this grateful post plus a big, happy THANK YOU and the knowledge that I’m truly grateful.

I would also like to extend a big WELCOME to those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time today. Tall or short, I’m very grateful and happy that you stopped by and I hope that you find something here that tickles your fancy.

If you see or read something you like, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section. I live for your comments. They make me as happy as when I’m sipping prosecco in the shade in Cinque Terre! Or eating pistachio gelato.

  • Yippee! What a great Friday – blog features, good weather, ice cream. Not sure it can get much better. Keep up the good blogging work. You rock!

    • Thank you so much for your kind word, Beth! They mean a lot to me. xoxo Anett

  • Congrats on your recognition, well merited, these are great posts all!

    • Thank you, Shani! It feels so good to get a little PR for my hard work. 😉 xoxo Anett