Miracle On Manglerud Street

Tall Girl's fashion // Pretty in shorts and a printed blouse

Today you were supposed to come with me inside the castle of Norway’s royal family, but due to bad planning on my part you’ll hear about a miracle instead. We’ll just make it Museum Monday tomorrow.

Yesterday turned out to be a really good day, though it started off rather pearshaped with me not getting out of bed until…very late. I planned making a day out of it in town, first visiting the castle, then the fashion exhibit at DOGA, followed by a juicy burger at Døgnvill.

When I couldn’t get a ticket for the castle, I decided to postphone all plans until Sunday, until 30 minutes later my hamburger cravings got totally out of hand. It was a gorgeous day outside — I mean really warm and sunny, the best summer day we’ve had in weeks — and I knew I was just meant to be wolfing down an IPA and a hamburger in the sunshine, not sitting inside planning for Oslo Fashion Week. So off I went on the bus with my camera in hand.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Brooklyn Brewery IPA

At Aker Brygge, my friend Lise joined me and we had a mini pubcrawl in the area, going from Døgnvill to a very hot corner of Bølgen & Moi, then off to the breezy rooftop bar at The Thief. By the time I got back home I was in a pretty happy mood. Then, as soon as I crossed my doorstep, a ginormous miracle happened.

I felt the urge to clean.

To put this into perspective for those of you who don’t know me: I hate to clean. My mum hates to clean. There is absolutely no trace of Monica Geller in anyone in our family. We clean our house because we have to — we don’t want to die a slow and disgusting death — and we love a clean house. We’d just prefer it if, like magic, the house cleaned itself or if someone else cleaned it for us, completely free of charge, of course. Because we are a bit stingy, too. Filthy and stingy, that’s the Kallestads. You can smell us a mile away. Just kidding. Or am I?

Anyway. Now I had these completely unfamiliar feelings about cleaning to deal with. At first I tried to ignored them. Then it hit me: I HAD to take advantage of the situation, as this might be the only time in my life that I’d actually like the process of cleaning my flat. It’d be a fond memory to look back on later: “Do you remember that Saturday when I really felt the urge to clean after three drinks? Haha, those were the days, my friend! A true miracle it was.”

An hour and a half later and my flat was spotless, including the containers that store my bath products in the shower and the brush heads for my Clarisonic. And I was still in a great mood.

I still can’t explain what happened, but I sure hope “the urge” hits me again next week. Maybe there’s a new drug going around town and somebody spiked my prosecco at The Thief?!? Or maybe the trick is to have a couple of drinks first to get you in “the mood”? I’ve always thought they meant a completely different (and more fun…) kind of mood when they said that, but maybe people’ve been refering to cleaning all along. Maybe nothing is what it seems…

So how’s your weekend so far? Any miracles to report on?

Before I sign off, let us not forget that I’m wearing an outfit: A pretty day called for a pretty blouse, matched with my rose pink shorts (which finally fit again. Hurrah!) and pale pink sandals. Dressing in the summer can be so easy when you don’t have to deal with layering. Shorts + top + shoes and you’re good to go. And a handbag to carry everything but the kitchen sink.

Tall Girl's fashion // Pretty in shorts and a printed blouse

Culture printed top (similar, similar) // H&M rose shorts (similar) // Stafford pale pink sandals // Botkier green handbag // Komono golden watch // Snø of Sweden golden earrings // Edblad brass bangle and ring

Tall Girl's fashion // Pretty in shorts and a printed blouse

Tall Girl's fashion // Pretty in shorts and a printed blouse

Prettier than the bee’s knees… Moving slower than the photographer!

Tall Girl's fashion // Pretty in shorts and a printed blouse

Tall Girl's fashion // Pretty in shorts and a printed blouse

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  • I sure do hope that it’s catching, because I absolutely hate to clean too! (But I love a clean house!) Way to go for taking advantage when the mood struck!
    Love that pretty blouse and the purple shorts! Stopping by from On Trend Tuesdays 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind complements, Shea! One can never go wrong with purple, my favourite colour. 😉 Fingers crossed the cleaning bug will hit you soon, as well! xoxo Anett

  • I was laughing at the cleaning. I’m just like you I don’t possess the ‘cleaning’ gene at all but force myself to do it. Please pass on the miracle urge to me so I can get my housework done! Love the lattice pattern of your sandals. And yes, isn’t it lovely to be able to go out without having to worry about layers.


    • Haha, I’m happy to make you laugh! I think the secret might be in feeling very guilty about not doing it (though I did actually do an acceptable cleaning job last weekend, under force) mixed with just the correct amount of alcohol. We’ll see if I can successfully replicate the urge next weekend! Thanks for the kind compiment on my sandals. xoxo Anett

  • beautiful outfit. I love your purple shorts!


    The Color Palette

    • Thanks, Abril. I love anything purple, purply pink and purply blue. I can’t get enough! xoxo Anett

      • I always say my favorite color is yellow but I don’t know why I always buy things in purple, maybe that is my favorite color too!

        • Maybe they both are — they look great together, as they really pop off each other! xoxo Anett

  • OK. I read this last night and was so amused at the hilarious description of your miracle but didn’t have a chance to comment. Congrats on contracting the house cleaning bug! I hate cleaning as well but I force myself to do it because I’m also super happy with a clean house like you mentioned. On to the outfit, I hope this isn’t too forward but your legs look really great in shorts! I haven’t worn shorts since I was like 10 years old because my leg type just isn’t suited to them. I’ve thought about trying the longer shorts but am not sure if those would look good. Will probably just stick to skirts and dresses for now. The colors of your outfit are really pretty! I’m in awe of how much clothes you have. I feel like I wear the same thing all the time. Hah!

    • I just hope the bug comes back next weekend, as cleaning without it is depressing! Or maybe I’ll just pop open a bottle of wine… Thanks for complimenting my legs. They are my best asset so I let them come out and play every now and again, haha! I’m sure Bermuda style shorts would look great on you — let them hit you just above the knee and it’s almost like wearing a knee-length skirt! And yes, I have an awful lot of clothes,, I can’t argue about that… Some friends argue that I never have to buy any new ones ever again. I don’t buy into that, of course! 😉 xoxo Anett

      • I agree about Bermuda shorts. I think I might start there and see how it goes.

        • The best of luck! 😉

  • Great summer outfit, you look wonderful in it! Glad you had a sunny summer day to enjoy and that you were blessed with a ménage miracle! St. Anett please send a cleaning miracle my way, I could use it. I’m expecting the house cleaning fairies to show up any day now. They must be caught in vacation traffic.

    • Haha, I’ll dance around some burning candles tonight and send a sweet little, very efficient cleaning fairy your way. Such amazing creatures definitely need to be shared! ! xoxo Anett