Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Old friends —

Say hello to my best childhood friend, L! Last week, she and her husband were in Oslo with her two daughters, who were playing in Norway Cup, the annual international football tournament for kids that happens just a bus stop from my flat. Hanging out was such great fun, just like being young again! Never mind that I didn’t get anything serious done for three days — it was totally worth it!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} Football —

I haven’t watched football in about twenty years and had forgotten how much fun it is when you know the players! The Dale girls did a great job and ended up winning the silver medal in the B tournament. Heia Dale!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} Yummy Asian lunch —

As soon as the games were over, my friend and I took off to hang and talk. After showing her my flat, we headed into town and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Asia in Aker Brygge. I’ve only eaten there once before, but will definitely become a regular. There’s lots to choose from on a very inventive and diverse menu, and the prices are quite reasonable. Yum!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{4} Etoile at Grand Hotel —

It’s somewhat typical that friends from out of town show you new things in your own city… I’ve wanted to visit the rooftop bar Etoile for months, but last time I tried they were closed. This time they were luckily open and I was mighty impressed with the views. Just the place to be on a sunny day, enjoying tasty G&Ts in the sunshine with Oslo at your feet!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{5} Van Gogh + Munch exhibition —

I took L to see the exhibition at the Munch Museum and though it was my second visit, I was still blown away by the selection of artwork that is on display. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that infamous Van Gogh paintings that I’ve just seen in books and on postcards are now hanging in a museum in Oslo.

  • Don’t you love how out of towners push you to get to know your city better? Looks like a fun weekend you had!



    • Hi Samantha — Yes, it’s brilliant! And a bit of role reversal, as since I’ve only lived here a year, I normally drag my born-and-bred-in-Oslo friend along to cultural events that she’s never done before. I’m always up for new experiences and are seldom disappointed! xoxo Anett

  • Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog post! I love this series and the idea behind it.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks, Amy Ann! It has really helped me keep a positive view on life, even though my happy thoughts might be as small as seeing a beautiful flower bed or having a frozen pizza for dinner. Stay positive! xoxo Anett