Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Oslo Fashion Week —

This week is Oslo Fashion Week and I’m off to check out the collections for spring/summer 2016. Hopefully, I will have some photographs to show you later this week — they are running several fashion shows that I aim to see. I’m so excited to visit some of the 170 exhibitors and 500+ brands that are on show!

Tall Girl's Fashion // The royal castle of Oslo, Norway

{2} The royal castle of Oslo —

Last week was not the most exciting week of my life, but at last I managed to pay the castle a visit, it having been on my to-do list for weeks. I was truly impressed by how gorgeous this building is — read all about in this post. If you live in or around Oslo, make sure you visit the castle before August 16th, when it closes for the season.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

The old school DJ in the rooftop bar at The Thief hotel, Tjuvholmen

{4} Pubcrawl & cleaning —

As I wrote in my post titled Miracle on Manglerud Street, Saturday was the highlight of my week. What started out with a yummy hamburger at Døgnvill followed by a few drinks with a close friend, ended with me being hit by the cleaning bug and spending Saturday evening making my flat shine! And I hate to clean! I cross my fingers that I’ll be visited by the cleaning fairy next weekend as well, preferrably on Sunday afternoon.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{4} Fresh roses —

I always have a bouquet of flowers on my coffee table and more often than not, it’s fresh roses, colour depending on my mood on the shopping day. You won’t believe me when I tell you where I buy my roses — at my local Rema 1000, the cheap grocery store chain! They receive a fresh supply of cut flowers every Friday afternoon, so add a bouquet to your weekend shopping bag, cut them and change the water every couple of days (or every day, if you’re keen), and your roses will last you about two weeks. All that for only Nok 59!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{5} New fashion magazines —

The new season is just around the corner and while I don’t want to say goodbye to summer — we haven’t had much of it, after all — I can’t help but feel excited about a brand new season with gorgeous autumnal colours and lots of layering. A new bunch of fashion magazines has just arrived in my mail box and I’m busy preparing an overview of all the main trends for autumn/winter 2015. You can expect it up on the blog later this week, so get that pad and paper at the ready to write your autumn shopping list!

  • Happy thoughts all there (and might I add that the DJ was a cutie).

    • Haha, he definitely was. He was at the bar when we first arrived and I thought he looked a bit out of place in his tropical t-shirts amongst all the preppy men. When I later say him spinning records his shirt was perfect! xoxo Anett