Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Oslo Fashion Week —

It has been an exciting week filled with lots of looking at and talking about fashion at Moteuken (Oslo Fashion Week) — I’ve basically been on cloud nine. Too bad this event only happens twice a year. I’d be game every two months or so! The model in the photograph above wears clothing from the Norwegian fashion designer Berit Hjelde, who makes the sexiest dresses and skirts inspired by the proud women of Brazil. I’m lusting after this skirt in deep green — I’ll show you pictures on Wednesday.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} Boat trip —

I grew up by the sea — Stanghelle in the Veafjord, western Norway — and I love spending time by and at sea. Yesterday, I spent the day boating with a close friend and her family. We started off at Sjølyst and drove all the way to Oscarsborg by Drøbak, which seems to be much closer to Oslo by boat than by car (it takes about an hour at 20 knots). Though cloudy when we first arrived, the sun soon came out and it turned out to be a gorgeous day for exploring the island. And look at those little bath houses in the photograph above — the Oslofjord is full of them and I’m totally fascinated. In western Norway we just throw a towel around us when we want to change — we don’t need a whole house to do the business!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} Oscarsborg Fortress —

Oscarsborg Fortress was our destination for Sunday’s boat trip. It’s located on an island just outside Drøbak — quite literally; you can swim to shore — and is famous because its soldiers sunk the German battle ship Blücher during WW2, thereby protecting the town from the intruders. The wreck is still at the bottom of the sea just outside the island. I’ll tell you more about the fortress and show you lots of photographs in Sunday’s Museum post, I promise.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{4} Sunshine —

The weather was quite amazing last week, as you can see from me reminiscing back to the 80s in my pink tube top in the picture above! This week is off to an even greater start, with 28 degrees on my balcony Monday afternoon and similar weather promised for seven days straight. This is my sort of heaven!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{5} Graceful swans —

I’m in awe at how far a swan is willing to stretch its neck in order to get at stale bread — it had to paddle its feet like crazy to get high enough! And just look at those cute, fluffy babies.

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  • kristine

    Du er så flink til å finne happy thoughts. Det er noe jeg må bli flinkere til. Blir inspirert av deg til å ta vare de små (og større) tingene som gir glede i hverdagen! Klem

    • Det var fint å høre. Du har sikkert mange flotte øyeblikk i hverdagen, med familien og søte Casper som finner på rare og søte ting! En blir i litt bedre humør når en tar et par minutter til å tenke gjennom hvilke flotte ting som hendte i løpet av uka. xoxo Anett

  • Nice thoughts all. Do you know last week on our weather, they said it was warmer in Oslo than Paris?! After some very, very hot and sunny weather, we’ve taken a turn towards gray and cool and rainy. Oh well, we do need some rain.

    • That’s just amazing! We beat paris for the first time ever, probably. At anything! 😉

      It’s just like southern Europe here now and it’s really hard to stay indoors working when I really want to be frolicking on a beach. But at least I can appreciate that finally the unusually large amount of snow in the mountains can melt away and give us cheap electricity. More money for shoes in the autumn/winter. Me like! xoxo Anett