Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{1} Plenty of ice cream —

There is no such thing as too much ice cream, is there? At least not pistachio…though I think Jillian Michaels will disagree, as according to her I should have developed a six pack by now. Then again, maybe I have and it’s lurking there under a layer of ice cream, pizza and hamburgers!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} Hot air balloon —

While sunbathing on my balcony one afternoon, this red contraption flew by. I’d have loved to tag along — the views over Oslo must have been gorgeous!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} Stewart —

I’ve been spending a lot of time walking this handsome toy fox terrier and I’m quickly falling in love!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{4} Purple beer —

I love IPA. I love purple. This beer and I are the perfect match!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{5} Sunbathing —

This week I spent a few blissful hours sunbathing on my balcony. It was so hot that when I closed my eyes I thought I was lying on an Italian beach. Pure bliss!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{6} Exploring Barcode —

My bus has changed routes through downtown and my forgetfulness forced me to explore the Barcode area this weekend to find the nearest bus stop. Up close and personal those tall office buildings are quite impressive and so are the pedestrian areas they’ve created between the buildings — look at the cool pattern of those cobbles, each side at a different angle!

  • The part about plenty of ice cream made me chuckle as I am sitting in bed at midnight reading your post while eating a bowl of ice cream (salted caramel topped with extra salted caramel chocolates and whipped cream)! I’m certain Jillian Michaels would take issue with my current behavior! But I finally got my blog up and running (although there are still many kinks to be worked out) and I deserved this late night treat! I was afraid to do it, but I did it anyway, so I think I shall eat all the ice cream I want! Thanks for sharing your happy moments! They made me smile.

    • It’s never too late for ice cream, right? Congratulations on getting your blog off the ground, Shelbee! It’s a lot of fun blogging, though also hard work. Let me know how you are doing! xoxo Anett

  • Eva

    Thank you for sharing your happy moments, Anett.
    Looks like your week was great in the lovely sunshine.
    Have a nice Tuesday.
    Love Eva

    • You’re quick, Eva, as I just posted this! Yes, I had a great week in the sunshine and now it’s back to normal weather. I’ve got an unexpected holiday in the sun to look forward to, though, so I won’t complain! Have a good week yourself! xoxo Anett