Lace + Rips + Heels = Cool Cat

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

You know you have a large wardrobe when you forget that you own a pair of grey ripped jeans and accidentially find them while looking for your white inka embroidered jeans. I blame the lack of storage space in my flat, not my huge clothing collection…

I was really excited about being reunited with my grey jeans and immediately whipped up an outfit. To play off on the rips in the jeans, I paired them with a feminine lace top and rock chic black heels. If ever in doubt how to style our ripped jeans, follow this recipe and you are bound to look cool: Ripped jeans/shorts/skirt + feminine lace top + sexy shoes. Done!

These sandals from Zara are on of my best shoe purchases, and they should be, as it took me about an hour to hunt down the second shoe in a brimming store during sales season! The shoes have the coolest silver heel, are just the correct height to give you good posture and they are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Now I’m off to the photo store to have them check out my remote control and camera. It took me two sessions and lots of swearing to shoot this outfit, as my remote simply won’t respond no matter how many times I change the batteries or threaten with abandonment. Fingers crossed — or prayers upwards (see below) — it’s just a simple fix and that I don’t have to buy a new one, as cash is a bit tight at the moment, to say the least…

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

Which reminds me, I was supposed to carry a handbag in this shot, but all the remote madness made me forget to bring it outside for my second shoot and the images from the first shoot were not up to par. Just image a burgundy Anya Hindmarch clutch in my hands, will you?

PS // Check out how I wore this lace top with denim shorts while walking mum’s adorable sheltie Nelly. I miss her cuddles so much!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

Vero Moda white lace top (similar GORGEOUS top) // H&M white vest // Zara grey distressed jeans (similar) and black sandals (similar) // RayBan aviator sunglasses (did you know you can build your own RayBans?) // Mango faux leather black studded bracelet (pick one of these beauties!) // Unknown brands silver bangle (similar) and metallic bracelet // Snø of Sweden silver earrings (similar) // Marc by Marc Jacobs brown/silver watch (similar)

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

Tall Girl's Fashion // Lace top and grey jeans

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  • Happinessatmidlife

    Those shoes are so fab with the silver heels!! I always love lace with something edgy – great mix!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!



    • Thanks for your kind comment, Alice! I love the mix of hard and soft as well — it makes such a nice contrast. I’ve dug out my leopard skirt now and am planning an outfit for next week. I thought I’d do a cheeky pattern combo. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo Anett

  • Ohhhhh…edgy…I like!

    • Haha, thanks! It’s the shoes… *growl* xoxo Anett

  • I wish I had a pair of ripped grey jeans hiding in my closet! What a nice surprise to find them. Hope you get your remote issues sorted out. It’s no fun to have photo sesh hinderances.

    • Haha, have you looked and are sure there isn’t a pair lurking in there?!? I’m giving the remote one more try before I throw in the towel, this time also with a freshly charged camera battery… It turned out that I had plugged in a cable the wrong way, but unfortunately that didn’t seem to make any difference at all. The weird thing is that in my flat it works perfectly fine! xoxo Anett