Successful Norwegian Fashion Labels

Tall Girl's Fashion // DOGA exhibit Norwegian fashion designers

Until August 26th, DOGA (Museum of design and architecture) in Oslo runs an exhibit presenting 16 Norwegian fashion designers who, in the last ten years, have received financial support to showcase their collections internationally.

Tall Girl's Fashion // DOGA exhibit Norwegian fashion designers

The exhibit includes some of the most successful labels that have been established in Norway in recent years and they all excel at combining timeless, innovative design with quite affordable pricing. In other words, these are not luxury labels catering for the few, but clean, minimalist clothes for those who desire that typical Scandinavian design ethics and already are fans of Acne, Ganni, Tiger, Designers Remix and Just Female, to name a few.

Impressively, many of these Norwegian designers are also conscious about choosing fabrics and manufacturing methods that are sustainable to the environment. Most labels are available to purchase at F5 Concept Store in Oslo.

Sit back and enjoy this presentation of Norwegian fashion design, in alphabethical order!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Aprhu

Read more about and purchase Aphru here and see me wearing my gorgeous Aphru jumpsuit here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Arct

Read more about Arct here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Auma Design

Read more about Auma Design/By Auma here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Cathrine Hammel

Read more about Cathrine Hammel here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Christine Ledang

Read more about and purchase Christina Ledang here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Eben

Read more about and purchase Eben here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Epilogue

Read more about and purchase Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen here.

Tall Girls Fashion // FWSS

Read more about and purchase FWSS here. and see me wearing my navy silk FWSS shirt here.

Tall Girls Fashion // GRAA

Read more about and purchase GRAA here.

Tall Girls Fashion // Holzweiler

Read more about and purchase Holzweiler here.

Tall Girls Fashion // Johnnylove

Read more about and purchase Johnnylove here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Mariette

Read more about and purchase Mariette here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Njork

Read more about and purchase Njork here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Schermann Ringdal

Read more about and purchase Schermann Ringdal here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Tom Wood

Read more about and purchase Tom Wood here.

Now, what do you think about the state of Norwegian fashion design, based on this presentation? Did you see anything that tickled your fancy? I for one am in love with the Mariette lasercut leather dress and Cathrine Hammel’s grey wool outfit (so soft to the touch!).

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  • Great clothes and love the clean simple lines.

    • Yes, the minimalist style is typical of Scandinavian designers. It’s probably the cold climate and our cultural heritage of hardship and struggles that are playing in! Historically, we used to make do with little. xoxo Anett

  • Thanks for introducing norwegian fashion labels. Long time ago local fashion would be limited to its population or lucky travellers but this digital world opens so many possibiliites so thanks for sharing!

    Paty from antesAltaquesinsilla.blogspot.com

    • That is so true, Paty! It used to take forever before we heard of new labels and then they would be impossible to get hold of. Now we hear about them right away and the designers sell directly to customers long before they have established any distribution. I think this helps them financially so more might survive — they are able to generate cash from day one. I’m so glad you liked the post! xoxo Anett

  • It’s so fun learning about fashion designers and labels from other countries. I particularly like the red dress with the blue, long sleeve button down. It’s super feminine and cute. By the way, I need to send you an email! I have been so busy this last week but I’ll get to it this week sometime. 🙂



    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Samantha! I thought my readers would love hearing about new labels as much as I do myself. That red dress is so cute — very preppy. It’s like a folding skirt in front and has great cut-outs in the back. She makes them in different colours and fabrics. Don’t worry about the email — just take your time and respond when you can. Have a great week! xoxo Anett