Happy Thoughts

Tall Gril's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

Tall Gril's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{1} Recharging in Greece —

Two weeks have come and gone since I came back from my amazingly relaxing holiday in Greece. While I’ve still got the tan to show for it, I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by since I came back. My holiday was mostly spent on the beach, soaking up sun and important vitamin D, which we can never get enough here in Norway. I might just also have got myself a kind, supportive, gorgeous boyfriend while I was away…

The reason why time has passed so quickly since I came back is that I’ve been busy sorting out the professional part of my life. Sadly, this has left no time to spend on the blog. It takes time to build new routines and while my life will be changing dramatically in the next few months, I’ll try and build a good routine around my blogging, so that I can actually fit it into my schedule without wearing myself out.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{2} Crossing things off my to do list —

I work especially well under pressure and knowing I was going on holiday, I had lots of tasks to cross off my to do list to justify taking the time off. The week prior to my vacation, I worked day and night and got so much done, I’m really impressed by myself. If I were this productive every week, I could have built an empire!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{3} Lots of ice cream —

On Friday night, while getting the last few things sorted before my holiday, I suddenly got a craving for ice cream. I ran to the grocery store and managed to grab a tub of Culinaris vanilla with choc chip cookies before the shop closed their doors behind me, only to come home and remember that I was in the middle of defrosting the fridge/freezer… That meant eating lots and LOTS of ice cream!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts -- my reading list

{4} Reading —

My reading habits vary greatly throughout the year and now I’m on a high, having devoured four books in the last three weeks and still going strong. I love to loose myself to a great novel (The woman who stole my life by Marian Keyes is highly recommended) as well as to learn something new through my reading. My reading has been at the expense of watching TV, which is a very, very good thing.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts - the sheltie Nelly

{5} Mum and Nelly visiting —

This afternoon my mum and her sheltie Nelly are coming to visit and I’m so excited! I haven’t seen them in months so we have lots to catch up on. Mum staying also means that I have an outfit photographer at my disposal, as well as being encouraged to go for longish walks at least three times a day. I definitely need the exercise, as I haven’t had the time to work out to the shred more than once a week lately and my muscles are slowly dwindling away.