Casual Leather

Tall Girl's Fashion // Casual Leather

Yesterday, I got some amazing news about a new work project and promptly sat down to knit. Yes, knitting was my celebration!

Enjoying life to the fullest is all about doing the things that make you heart sing and knitting happens to be one of these happy things for me. I haven’t picked up a new knitting project in about two years, but saw a cool long, minimalist turtleneck waistcoat in Lindex that I immediately wanted to recreate. Luckily, I already had the wool yarn (having headed up marketing and sales at Dalegarn (Dale Yarn) I have plenty of wool in storage…), so all I needed to do was to knit some swatches and do some calculations.

When I’m not knitting, I’m playing dress-up in my closet. I’m currently on a shopping hiatus and am actually having plenty of fun restyling old pieces into new outfits. Finally living in a dry climate where on most days the sun’s out gets my creative juices going, as opposed to living in rainy Bergen, like I used to. Now I can wear suede, skirts and normal shoes well into the winter, as there are no puddles, crazy wind or rainy backsplash to deal with. Bliss!

Today’s outfit was worn on Sunday, the day of rest. Though there wasn’t much rest, exactly, as I cleaned the flat, tidied up and retrieved my winter clothes from the attic while the washing machine was working its way through numerous loads of washing. Being reunited with my old winter favourites is like having a brand new wardrobe all together! With some clever layering I can still wear some of my summer clothes and with two wardrobes to choose from, my creative juices are overflowing — there are clothes covering every surface in my bedroom. I even managed to shoot a few of these outfits yesterday afternoon, so if nothing unexpected happens, new posts will be up every day for the remainder of this week. So much fun!

PS // This leather jacket is a wardrobe favourite, previously worn with torn jeans and a wool sweater and in a neutral outfit with white and grey tones. Check them out!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Casual Leather

Blk Dnm black leather jacket and black vest (worn underneath) // Oasis black flared jeans // Vero Moda white sweatshirt // Adidas Stan Smith white trainers // Zadig & Voltaire printed scarf // Pearl earrings are souvenirs from Beijing

Tall Girl's Fashion // Casual Leather

Tall Girl's Fashion // Casual Leather

  • I’m now feeling SO inspired to get ALL of my clothes out this weekend and play dress up. I’ve been admiring other people’s transitional outfits and it’s high time I create some of my own. I do love retrieving my cool weather clothes this time of year. I always forget about some items so it’s like Christmas or my bday or both to discover what clothing I have. And I also can’t wait to see your knitted creation! And congrats on the job news. OK…I think I’m done

    • Thanks for all the amazing feedback! I hope you had a fun weekend trying all your winter clothes. I wore some more of my summer clothes, rework for autumn with lots of layers. It sure has gotten cold over here! xoxo Anett

  • Haha, kanskje når jeg er ferdig, hvis jeg har mer garn igjen! Oppdaget i går at jeg har brukt feil strikkepinne og dermed fått helt feil strikkefasthet, så i dag skal jeg rekke opp og starte på nytt. Lenge leve optimismen! xoxo Anett

  • Except from knitting I lived the same Sunday as you. Expected meetings with my winter clothes that smell as new, some housecleaning and relax.
    I love how a leather jacket can dress so many moments, but to be honest, the casual look is my favorite. Hope you can show us soon the turtleneck waistcoat!
    Have a great day!

    P.S: This week on my blog I published a post about short hair, you’re definitely another inspiration of how tall women look gorgeous on short hair 🙂

    • How fun that we both lived the same kind of day! I’ll be sure to share my knitting project as soon as it’s done — I’m hard at work and sooo excited to get it done and get to wear it.

      I read your post about tall women and short hair, and I agree that we need to free ourselves of all these rules about what we should and shouldn’t do. Make your own path in life and find out what suits you! Luckily this becomes easier the older you get. Great topic! xoxo Anett