Summer Dress Restyled

Tall Girl's Fashion // Summer dress styled for autumn

Still making the most of my slowly fading tan, I wanter to wear my yellow dress, but what to do when the dress is both short and sleeveless and the weather is quite literally freezing? You add a blouse and a pair of thick tights underneath, of course!

With these styling tricks I’ll keep wearing this dress throughout the winter, just adding more layers as the temperature drops — and more and more bronzer on my face as my tan fades away…

Tralala, now I’m off to meet my boyfriend. Yes, he’s already back in town and things are going really well. This weekend our plans include two art exhibitions — Munch + Vigeland at the Munch Museum and Damien Hirst at Astrup Fearnley — as well as long walks in the autumn sunshine. Exciting!

Have a great weekend, dear friend!

PS // I’ve worn 99 % of the same outfit before, minus the blouse — dress + tights + leather jacket is always a winning formula! 

Tall Girl's Fashion // Summer dress styled for autumn

Brns Bzr black leather jacket // Warehouse black blouse // H&M printed dress and black tights // Church’s black studded Oxford shoes // Silver bangle is souvenir from Peru // Leather bracelet is souvenir from Beijing // Unknown brand metal bracelet // Silver earrings are souvenirs from Bali // Armani brown/silver watch

Tall Girl's Fashion // Summer dress styled for autumn

Tall Girl's Fashion // Summer dress styled for autumn

Tall Girl's Fashion // Summer dress styled for autumn

  • Adorable dress! I really love it with the tights and blouse layered underneath. And your shoes are fabulous! Wishing you tons of fun and bliss with your boyfriend (although I am jealous since my love is in Afghanistan! I am yearning for date nights!)

    • Thank you so much, Shelbee! I had a wonderful time with my boyfriend, exploring Oslo while planning our future. Exciting! I can’t imagine living with my boyfriend at war — aren’t you always worried about him? I hope he comes back to you soon! xoxo Anett

      • I am so happy for you! And thank you for the kind words. As far as worry, I just can’t allow myself to go to that place. His current mission is safer than most and I get to talk to him almost every day. And I thank sweet technology for Friday night Skype dates when we get to see his face!

        • I completely understand — you have to stay positive and keep your spirits up. It’s great that you get to talk to him and Skype so often, though, as that makes him seem closer to home. Can you remember life pre Skype? How on earth did we survive long distance relationships without ever seeing (and touching the screen face of) the person we loved?!? xoxo Anett

  • Yay for boyfriend time! Sounds like you have some fun plans. And yay for wearing summer clothes into fall and winter.

    • We had the most wonderful weekend together, spending lots of time outdoors exploring Oslo. The sun was shining from a cloudless sky. I wish we skipped winter this year and simply carried on with (a mild) autumn for a few months. Imagine what I could do outfit-wise! xoxo Anett