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Tall Girl's Fashion // How to style a midi skirt

Since I’ve been squirrelled way inside in my sweats for the past couple of days completing my Christmas projects, yesterday I decided to dress up a wee bit and wear a skirt. It was Sunday, after all!

Though I’ve had this skirt for months and had been lusting after a grey midi for ages, I find the skirt very hard to style for my body shape (same skirt in black — it’s all elastic!). The only thing I can wear with it is a narrow top tucked inside the skirt, preferrably with a belt on top (example with a cool leather skirt from Mango here). This is not an ideal outfit for a Norwegian winter, though.

Yesterday morning, I decided to try a few other outfit combinations. I found that if I wear something bulk on top like an oversized black sweater, which I thought would look effortless and cool, I look chubby. Somehow other people manage to look cool in this, though, for instance this woman wearing a grey Astraet skirt. Come to think of it, the boxy sweater probably works on her because it’s slightly cropped so it still shows off her waist. Lesson learned.

Then I tried an easier option with a slightly fitted and normal length sweater on top, but I looked like a bean pole. Or a boy. My point is, I looked hipless, which must not be confused with hipster, which is a positive.

After some careful deliberation (read: Quick thinking) I went with the fitted sweater and solved my pole problem by adding a belt at the waist. Though the belt doesn’t really cinch in anything, it creates a focus point that makes it seem like I have a waist and an hourglass shape. Mission accomplished!

Isn’t it great when you can fix an outfit problem by simply adding an accessory?

PS // Can you tell that it was really windy when I shot this outfit? Fixing that hair was a complete waste of time…

PPS // See how I previously have styled this wolf sweater with leather shorts in spring and a leather jacket and jeans in winter.

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to style a midi skirt

Zaig & Voltaire grey cashmere sweater // Ralph Lauren red plaid shirt // Lindex grey midi skirt (in black) // H&M black tights // Salvatore Ferragamo black shoes // Unknown brand black leather belt and silver bangles // Sparkly silver earrings are souvenirs from Bali

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to style a midi skirt

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to style a midi skirt

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to style a midi skirt

Tall Girl's Fashion // How to style a midi skirt

  • I love how you’ve styled this skirt. Isn’t amazing how something as simple as a belt makes all the difference. x Allison

    • Thanks, Allison! Yes, it’s both great and very economical! 😉 xoxo Anett