Happy New Year!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Pairing silk and sequins

A new year has started and at this time of year I always feel like anything is possible, that any of my dreams may come true! That’s why I like to take the first couple of weeks of January to contemplate my goals and dreams for the new year, to ensure that my life is heading in the right direction. Some great things happen by chance, but most life-changing and amazing things happen because you’ve planned for them and worked towards them over a longer period of time.

While my mind is currently on my goals of 2016, the last couple of weeks were a totally different story. I flew home to Bergen on December 22nd and had fun days of hanging out with my boyfriend, meeting up with friends for coffees, lunches and dinners to catch up and exchange gifts, and spent Christmas eve and the following days with my family in Stanghelle. We also attended the annual Romjulsfest aka after Christmas party, in my home town, which was great fun. New year’s eve was celebrated in quiet surroundings in Bergen, and on January 3rd I caught the train back to Oslo.

Yesterday was my birthday — hurrah! — and I spent it chilling at home, exhausted from all the activities over the holidays and feeling good about being in my own flat. As much as I love to travel and be social, it always feels wonderful to come back home to my own place where I can truly relax. And do some much needed laundry.

But enough with the chilling and relaxation — today I’m back in action, planning great things for my life and my blog in the new year. I hope you follow along and that I’ll hopefully inspire you to make some of your own goals and dreams come true in the new year, be they linked to fashion, DIY or otherwise!

And while you’re at it, feel inspired to wear some bling! Today’s outfit I wore to the after Christmas party in Stanghelle: I teamed my brightly turquoise sequin skirt with a jade silk top and navy tights, accentuated by gold jewellery. I felt ever so classy, wearing these luxurious fabrics together!

PS // See how I styled a striped navy sequin skirt with a moto jacket and how I wore a jade green top with a black velvet pencil skirt pre Christmas. I can never have too much silk and sequins in my life!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Pairing silk and sequins

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen green silk top // By Malene Birger turquoise sequin skirt (similar, similar) // KappAhl navy tights // LK Bennett purple shoes // Gianni Chiarini black clutch (in red) // Mango metal/green earrings — now 50 % off! // Komono golden watch // Unknown brand golden cuff (this is gorgeous)

Tall Girl's Fashion // Pairing silk and sequins

Tall Girl's Fashion // Pairing silk and sequins

Tall Girl's Fashion // Pairing silk and sequins

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  • Shannon Clark

    Happy belated Birthday! What a gorgeous outfit!!!! Love every single thing about it!

    • Thanks for you kind birthday wishes! I love this outfit too and had a looooot of fun in it, rocking on the dance floor at the after Christmas party! 😉 xoxo Anett

  • A beautiful outfit. I particularly love the blues! Gorgeous 🙂 Laura http://www.shehearts.net xx

    • Thanks, Laura! I love me some blues as well, and in particular in combination with deep greens. They look so classy! xoxo Anett

  • kristine

    Vanligvis er jeg ikke glad i for mye bling eller turkis, men dette skjørtet var Supertfint!!!! Toppen også! Jeg får ha som mål å bli litt sprekere i klesveien og ikke gå for mye i Fjellreven bukser og Dale genser… Du er en stor inspirasjon. Klem

    • Du må spare Fjellrevenbuksene til turer og fjellet (de kan jo bli utslitt…) og ta frem litt sprekere ting i hverdagen. Dalegensere kommer godt med ute nå og mange av de er kjempefine! Mine ligger dessverre i en kartong lengst bak på loftet, siden jeg flyttet over om sommere. Det vil ta laaang tid før jeg kommer meg bak der… 😉 xoxo Anett

  • Happy New Year and happy birthday too! Your outfit is so perfect and I want to steal it. I can see why you felt classy and luxurious all in one. The colors are beautiful and I love the details and texture. Happy to hear that your holidays were splendid. I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals too. I started the shred again! This time I’m doing it with my neighbor so there’s accountability and I work out harder when I’m exercising with a friend. We just finished day 2 today. I’m quite sore but happy about it. Have a few other goals that I’m laying groundwork for as well. I don’t know what it is about the new year but it certainly motivates me. I was feeling very low and unmotivated after returning from the U.S. in November. My mood got a bit better during the holidays but now I’m raring to go. Talk soon!

    • Thank you so much, Beth! A big round of applause to you for starting the shred. It’s the most efficient workout I’ve even done, and I plan to kick it off tonight. I know it will be painful, but I want to feel fit again and get rid of my back pain. It’s a great idea to do it with your neighbour, as it’s so much harder to skip a day! I felt really off in November and early December as well and like you, I feel so much energy and motivation to get things moving now in the new year. Let’s hope this feeling lasts a looooong time! xoxo Anett