Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{1} Puzzling —

Ever since reading Liane Moriarty’s book “Big little lies” (it’s a great book — read my review here) I’ve wanted to puzzle and last week I dug out a couple of puzzles from storage. Immensely fun!

Tall Girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} New sofa cushion —

For Christmas my friend L gave me this cute cushion! I smile every time I look at it, thinking of her. Also, it gives the best head support when I’m napping or watching TV…

Tall Girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} Great reads —

I’ve been medicating the blue mood I’ve been feeling lately with lots of sleep and hours of reading. Both these books come highly recommended:

“Foreign fruit” by Jojo Moyes

Withdrawal symptoms are developing, as this is the last book I own by Jojo Moyes and I need more! This book was literally so exciting that I couldn’t put it down. I was dying to know how the story turned out — did Lottie recover from her heartbreak and find another man to love, and was Celia lying again to get her way and would she be happily married to her prince charming? And what would happen to that gorgeous house of sin on the cliff overlooking the sea? Could prehaps I buy it?!?

“This charming man” by Marian Keyes

This book is very cleverly written, telling the story of four different women who in some way or another are linked to a charming man — each woman with her own font, no less. I immediately fell in love with Lola, a stylist who had the funniest thoughts and the naughtiest friends, and raced through the book to savour all her musings. The book has a great finale where everybody gets what they deserve…

Tall Girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{4} Winter running —

I’ve been lazy as a sloth lately, but yesterday I felt courageous and went for a run in the snow. Though I expected to die from exhaustion, it went surprisingly well. My excellent sports spike-ons might have something to do with that! Rather than run my usual hilly route, I explored my neighbourhood and saw some incredible houses that I’d love to live in, as well as the ice rink in the introductory photo. Who knew that I could skate (if only in a different universe) just five minutes from my doorstep?

Tall Girl's fashion // Happy Thoughts

{5} Poached eggs —

I must have hit a winning streak, as two mornings in a row I made the most perfect poached eggs. Some days there’s more egg white in the water than attached to the yolk, but these were brilliantly “complete”. Fingers crossed that the streak continues — poached eggs are my favourite breakfast.