Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy thoughts

{1} Friends from home —

Since I moved to Oslo from Bergen I love that I’ve become a (free, of course) B&B for my friends who are coming to Oslo for business. My last visitor was KD and we hadn’t talked in what seemed like forever. We have both recently fallen in love and have subsequently spent most of our time with our significant other. Yes, everyone will tell you not to brush off your friends for a boyfriend, but it easily happens and we are both just happy for each other (and ourselves — we both have literally spent years kissing frogs without anything even remotely exciting happening). We barely had the time to go to sleep, as there was so much to catch up on. Please keep coming to visit, friends! And I love it when you give me flowers as “rent”, like these beautiful roses from KD…

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} Mum’s tablecloth —

Every birthday my mum makes me a cross-stitch tablecloth as a gift and I’m equally excited every year. Right now, my 2016 present is adorning my dining table.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} Meeting The Family —

I come from a small family so I’ve been really excited about meeting my future inlaws, as my family suddenly more than doubles in head count. Last week Mr T (my boyfriend) and I made a little holiday of it and travelled to Kristiansand and Grimstad (above) in Sørlandet (southern Norway) so he could introduce me to his mum and dad. Luckily the weather perked up and we had a lovely time with his family as well as sightseeing around town. I can’t wait for spring to arrive, when going back will feel like visiting seaside paradise!

{4} Friends & music —

I’ve listened to Minor Majority ever since my friend KP gave me one of their CDs for my birthday. Yes, we are that old. She suggested we go to their concert together as soon as she saw that they were reunited and were visiting her home town of Horten. Since we’ve both listened to their songs on repeat for the last five+ years, we joined the crowd in the sing-along — everyone seemed to know the lyrics to Supergirl and Dancing in the backyard. Great fun! I felt like 25 again and should seriously consider going to more live concerts.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Casper the cocker spaniel

{5} Casper

As you may already know, I love dogs and I was so happy to see KP’s cocker spaniel Casper again, as I hadn’t seen him since he was a playful puppy. Sadly, he wasn’t equally happy to see me. Casper loves his mummy and whenever she’s in the house, he follows her around like… a puppy. At least I had time to force myself to a cuddle before he jumped down to follow her around some more!

Happy Thoughts // Oslo Runway goodiebags

{6} Oslo Runway —

This week is Oslo Fashion Week and I was fortunate to get invited to the fashion shows of Moods of Norway and JohnnyLove at Oslo Runway. In its second year and previously showing at a church in Grünerløkka, Oslo Runway now showed at the Oslo Opera House, a gorgeous building by the seaside in central Oslo. The spacious entry way with its tall ceiling and walls of windows were the perfect setting for the shows. Pictures from the two collections are coming up on the blog soon, but here’s a peek at some of the treats in the goodie bags. The rest I’ve already consumed…

  • Reading about your happy things has made me happy! Thank you for sharing! x Allison

    • How nice to hear! Thinking and writing about them also makes me happy, so then we are two. They are working as intended! 😉 xoxo Anett